Excel Happy Disapproves of the Direction Valorant Esports is Taking


What Excel Happy expects out of Riot Games and Valorant esports

In an interview with Dot Esports, Happy pointed out that Riot Games has done a good job of managing the game in terms of patches and balancing and it shows that the studio really cares, unlike Valve’s CS:GO. However, he stated in terms of competitive esports, “they are not that great right now”. He feels that players do not get enough explosive and the number of matches most Valorant pros play is not enough.

Happy does not like the fact that you can be out of the Valorant Champions Tour if you lose two matches at the EU closed qualifiers and he wishes there would be a better system in place. He revealed, “I would love to see more tournaments, and teams being able to fight against teams that are not really represented in other regions.”

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