Execration Knocks Out Team SMG From the TI10 SEA Qualifier


Team SMG’s TI10 SEA qualifier run comes to an end; Execration keeps hopes alive

SMG did not come into the qualifier as the top favorite, but with a reformed roster and a number of seasoned players, they had a decent chance to win. Things did not go their way in the first series as despite putting up a good fight, they lost to TNC Predator 2-1.

Dropping to the lower bracket, Team SMG had no margin for error, and they put in a flawless performance against Lilgun in order to advance. The next opponent was Execration, who despite turning heads in the previous season and showing promising gameplay at the WePlay AniMajor did not seem to be on top form.

However, Execration was committed to extending their lower bracket run as they defeated Team SMG 2-1. SMG had a push heavy draft in the first game and looked to be cruising to victory with some important objectives destroyed. But they let the lead slip away, missing their timings and allowing Execration to come back and win. In the second game, SMG once again came out on top during the laning stage and this time, despite a couple of minor hiccups, closed out the game.

Even though SMG had decent matchups, they underperformed in the third and final game. As Execration played methodically, engaged in clean teamfights, and ultimately secured all objectives, they sealed the deal.

Here are some highlights of the series.

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