Team Spirit Wins TI10 Eastern European Qualifier After Tense Grand Final


Team Spirit vs Team Empire TI10 EEU Qualifier Grand Finals: Match Recap and Highlights


Game 1 saw some early fighting from both sides as they kept running into each other. However, Team Empire benefited from this as they accumulated a healthy lead. At the 30-minute mark, Team Spirit managed to secure a crucial teamfight victory, putting them in the driver’s seat. Team Spirit played cautiously and finally converted this lead into a win in 46 minutes.

In Game 2, Team Empire put on an impressive display with spectacular pickoffs and a careful selection of fights. They secured megacreeps in just 34 minutes, but Team Spirit was not going down without a fight. For almost 20 minutes, they held onto their base, equalizing Team Empire’s 16k lead. However, it was not enough in the end as Team Empire won in 52 minutes.

Game 3 was an exciting show as Team Spirit once again battled against megacreeps. They had no answers to the enemy Phantom Lancer and with Team Empire playing incredibly as a team as well, Team Spirit was put on the backfoot. Despite their best efforts, Phantom Lancer remained unkillable as Team Empire focused on the throne to win in 54 minutes.

Game 4 saw both teams on equal footing at the conclusion of the laning phase. However, Team Spirit began to find better pickoff initiation with Collapse’s Mars pulling off some great Arena traps for his allies to feed on. Team Empire ran out of gas as they could muster one kill in the last 20 minutes of the game, going to eventually lose it in 44 minutes.

Game 5 was the most one-sided of the lot as Team Spirit seemingly outdrafted and outperformed Team Empire. The laning stage went poorly for Team Empire and things went downhill quickly after that. Team Spirit with all three cores prominently on top of the networth chart won the game in 41 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

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