NoPing e-sports Eliminated From the TI10 SA Qualifier


SA Qualifier favorites, NoPing e-sports did not qualify for TI10

NoPing e-sports looked in decent shape going into this qualifier. From their performance in the second DPC season, they were rated the best in the region. Despite not performing particularly well at the WePlay AniMajor, Dota 2 fans from around the world still expected them to register an easy qualifier run and take the final TI10 slot from the region. The fact that beastcoast and Thunder Predator had already qualified for TI10 with sufficient DPC points also bolstered their chances.

NoPing e-sports, however, was dealt a huge setback in the first upper bracket round by losing 2-1 to Infinity. A win in seven DPC series was all Infinity managed in the second DPC season. Meanwhile, NoPing e-sports had won six out of seven series and also managed to easily defeat Infinity.

Then, NoPing e-sports seemed to have found their way in the lower bracket as they convincingly defeated Interitus, Hokori, and EgoBoys. It had all been 2-0 in favor of HFn and his teammates who were once more looking to secure the final spot.

However, they faced some tough competition from Team Unknown in the fourth round of the lower bracket. It was a close series, but Team Unknown won it 2-1, knocking NoPing e-sports out of contention for TI10.

Despite the relative promise of NoPing e-sports in the past two months, we have always seen some underdogs pull off huge upsets during these deadly qualifiers. When only one slot is on the line, teams give it their all and have to be consistent and this time, NoPing e-sports did not turn out to be the best SA team.

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