Ex-Players Troll Na’Vi After It Bombs Out of EEU TI10 Qualifiers


Team Empire on a winning streak in the TI10 Regional Qualifier Lower Bracket


Game one was a clinical win by Na’Vi. They played their lanes right, came out with an advantage, and rode the momentum. They executed their Gyro+Templar Assassin line-up perfectly and were in control of the game for its entire duration, leaving no chance for Empire to strike back.

Game two, however, saw Na’Vi completely lose their momentum as Team Empire turned the tables on them. Na’Vi’s repeat Gyro carry pick was perfectly countered with the mid Lina by Empire, constantly bursting the Gryo down with ease. The game was close but Empire perfectly drafted the Spectre which undoubtedly carried them in the late game.

Game three was a clinical return by Team Empire. Although Na’Vi came ahead in the laning stage, Empire completely figured out No[o]one’s mid Storm Spirit and consistently got kills and pickoffs, leading to an overwhelming gold lead for Empire. Na’Vi tried to play the Gyro yet again, with an IO this time but ended up failing.

This loss will be a tough blow on the Na’Vi squad. The team was quite literally reformed as a Virtus.pro clone when RAMZES666 was added to the team along with the follow-up additions of No[o]ne and SoNNeikO. There were high expectations from the fans considering the caliber of players but their journey to TI comes to an end.

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