PUBG: New State Releases New Gameplay Footage: Reveals 4 Key Locations


Krafton’s upcoming mobile Battle Royale ‘PUBG: New State’ which recently crossed more than 10 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store is about to begin its closed alpha test soon. In the meantime, the developers have come forward with some information about the city of ‘Troi’ where all the action will take place. The events of the game take place in the year 2051 and according to Krafton, the game is set up around the city of Troi which has been driven into an era of darkness due to severe poverty and economic division. They further showcase some of the key locations within the city like Exhibit Hall, The Mall, Laboratory, Trailer Park, and more while giving us a small glimpse of some live gameplay around these spots.

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PUBG: New State – Exploring The City of Troi

Krafton has released a short video that explores the city of Troi in the year 2051, the map on which the PUBG: New State gameplay will be based upon release. A few key locations across the map have been showcased in great detail, accompanied by lots of real in-game footage which has the community excited for the new Battle Royale title.

Let’s take a look at each of the four locations revealed within the gameplay trailer titled ‘Field Trip to Troi’ and see what they bring to the game from a players perspective.

Exhibit Hall

The first location that we are introduced to is the Exhibit Hall. The history of this location before the city fell to the era of darkness describes it as a place famous for its exhibitions, a location that was a “symbolic monument in Troi”. This location was also a tourist hotspot due to its open-style architecture, which in 2051 is only visited by the “ruthless survivors”.

From a gameplay perspective, this location provides a perfect blend of wide, open spaces, combined with closed-up corridors that provides a lot of cover. There is a lot of vertical shooting that comes into play in this location, with there always being a looming danger of getting flanked.

The Mall

The second location is a Mall present within the city of Troi that used to cater to families and friends in the past. It was basically a gathering hub for all the citizens within the city, providing them with everything from clothes, food, and more. However, some people just came to appreciate the majestic tempered glass roof of this structure that diffused the sunlight majestically all around the mall.

This location is very similar in gameplay tactics to the Exhibit Hall, with an open rooftop for confident players and marksmen, along with the closed spaces inside where all the shops are located. Each shop provides its own set of advantages and disadvantages, making positioning very important on this location.


The third location is a Laboratory that has quite a mysterious past. Though it promised the citizens of Troi a new way of life, no one exactly knows what goes on here and that is the exact reason why many survivors are often attracted to this mysterious building.

While curiosity may have killed the cat, this location is heaven for all the aggressive assaulters that like to play fast and hunt enemies in confined spaces. Playing around this intricate structure requires great team communication and coordination otherwise, it may get uneasy real fast.

Trailer Park

The last location that was explored in this gameplay showcase was Trailer Park. Not a lot is known about its history except for the fact that it used to be a living community for many, which is now overrun by the survivors.

This location too involves short-range combat with players ducking and dodging around the trailers, some playing on the ground while a few taking positions atop these vehicles. Quick thinking and even faster reactions are the only way to claiming victory in this claustrophobic combat area. If in case your squad gets overwhelmed or to escape from the shrinking map, players can always exit quickly via the jumping ramp present at the end of the runway.

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