Mobile Legends S20 Exclusive Skin: Kaja “Crow Magician” Preview


The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Ranked Season 20 is nearing its conclusion. Similar to last season, players who reach Master tier rank and above will receive the exclusive Kaja “Crow Magician” skin by the end of Mobile Legends Ranked Season 20. Moonton is yet to officially announce the end date of Mobile Legends ranked season 20. However, according to data miners, it is scheduled to end on June 19, 2021. A special event called S20 Final Rush is currently ongoing that provides players with protection stars to help them climb the rank ladder fast. More details regarding the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 20 exclusive skin Kaja “Crow Magician” can be found below.

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Mobile Legends Ranked Season 20 Skin Kaja “Crow Magician”

Every three months, Moonton introduces a new ranked season in Mobile Legends with an exclusive skin that can only be obtained through playing ranked games and reaching Master and above rank before the season ends.

This season’s exclusive skin reward is Kaja “Crow Magician.” The skin invokes a menacing vibe for the ML hero Kaja as he wears a red robe, a sinister-looking hat with a face, and a mask that resembles a 17th-century beaked mask that doctors wore during the European plague. The skin emits a mysterious and spooky aura that can definitely intimidate opponents. The hero is not included with the skin, so players will need to purchase the hero Kaja before using the skin.

Mobile Legends S20 Exclusive Skin: Kaja Kaja “Crow Magician” is the reward for Ranked Season 20.

It is important to take note that the hero Kaja may not be included in the Mobile Legends Ranked Season 20 reward so you’ll have to unlock him first before you can use the Crow Magician skin.

A patch update will also be released after Mobile Legends Ranked Season 20 ends. This patch update needs to be downloaded to acquire this season’s exclusive skin along with additional content such as the Season 21 first recharge skins and many more.

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When Will Mobile Legends S20 End

Moonton is yet to announce the exact end date of the current ranked season of MLBB. However, according to unofficial sources, it is expected to end on June 19, 2021. For now, players will have to keep their eyes peeled for the official announcement.

Mobile Legends S20 Exclusive Skin: Kaja The S20 Final Rush Event is currently underway.

In the meantime, players acquire star protection cards to help them climb the ranked ladder by participating in the S20 Final Rush event.

Moonton has definitely shifted their tone from the colorful and upbeat Akai “Street Enforcer” Season 19 skin to the dark and menacing Kaja “Crow Magician” for Season 20.

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