How to Get EP1 Ignition Card in Valorant


Valorant’s Ignition card is now available for free as part of the game’s year one celebrations. There will be a total of three player cards that will be distributed to celebrate the game’s first birthday. Valorant’s Ignition card is now available to redeem for all active players. Riot Games initially planned to offer the player card through its redemption portal but decided against it due to the large influx of players who tried redeeming the new Duality player card and failed to do so. Here is a quick guide on how to get the Valorant Ignition player card as well as details on when the next two cards will be available.

Redeeming the Valorant Ignition Card

Unlike Duality player card which was initially distributed via codes, Riot Games is directly sending out the Valorant Ignition card to all players. Due to issues with the redemption website which went down for multiple days because of the high traffic, Riot Games has decided to add the cards directly to player inventories.

To redeem the Valorant Ignition Card

  1. Launch Valorant
  2. Load into the main menu
  3. Head to Collections

You should see the Valorant Ignition card appear in your menu. If you do not receive your player card you can write to Riot Games’ support.

  1. Head to the official Riot Games Support website at:
  2. Click on Valorant
  3. You can check the self-help section if you are facing a common issue
  4. Scroll down and click on “Can’t find what you’re looking for? Submit A Ticket”
  5. Choose A Request Type That Suits You
  6. Click on Sign-in
  7. Once you are signed in, enter the Subject
  8. Choose Your Enquiry type
  9. In the Description box, enter all necessary information.
  10. Attach any supporting images or documents in the attachments section.
  11. Click on Submit

When Will The Other New Player Cards Be Awarded

The Episode Two player card will be awarded on June 14 through a Prime Gaming drop. The third player card for Episode Three will be a part of the Year 1 event pass which will be available from June 22 to July 7. The pass will be free for all players and it will include seven levels of rewards that can be earned by playing and getting XP.

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