Apex Legends Valkyrie Bug Allows Her to Spam Infinite Rockets


Apex Legends players have discovered yet another cooldown-related bug that allows Valkyrie to spam infinite rockets. There have been a number of bugs discovered recently that allow players to bypass cooldowns of characters in Arenas or in standard modes. The latest bug that was discovered involves spamming Valkyrie’s hover ability while using her missiles, which allows you to have infinite rockets up. This is not the first time that a Valkyrie bug has been discovered since her release in Apex Legends. Respawn entertainment just fixed a bug that got teammates killed at times during Valkyrie’s ultimate. Here is a look at the new Apex Legends Valkyrie bug and how it is affecting the game.

What Is the New Apex Legend Valkyrie Infinite Rockets Bug

Valkyrie’s tactical ability allows players to spam a large number of rockets in a specific area. The rockets do not do a lot of damage but they can stun enemy characters if they connect similar to Arc Stars’ slow effect. A recently discovered bug allows players to spam the ability. Reddit user DippinDoughnutz showed off the bug that allows Valkyrie to bypass the usual 30-second cooldown.

The bug does have a major downside as you can fire only one rocket and considering the travel time the rockets have, players can evade them in most situations. However, the bug can be potent if abused in the early game off drop where players scramble for loot. In the bug showcase, the player was able to keep his Peacekeeper out throughout the animation cancel. Valkyrie is normally unable to use her weapons when in flight and since the bug involves using her hover ability to cancel the rockets, it is unknown if spamming hover prevents you from using your weapons or not.

Wraith, Loba and Octane also have cooldown exploits in the game currently. Loba and Octane’s bugs are restricted to Arenas. They allow players to use Stim and Burglar’s Best Friend in the Phase Runner map in Arenas without any cooldown. Wraith’s bug on the other hand can be used in normal game modes and it involves wall jumping to make the game not put her tactical on cooldown. Abusing exploits can potentially lead to in-game bans and it is not recommended to take advantage of them. Respawn Entertainment is yet to address these recent bugs and a hotfix is likely to be deployed soon considering how game-breaking some of the recently discovered bugs are.

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