Alliance Has Been Eliminated From the WePlay AniMajor


Alliance has departed from the WePlay AniMajor after a 2-1 loss to Team Spirit in the Lower Bracket of the tournament. Alliance did not play at the same level they demonstrated in the EU regional league, losing back-to-back series at the WePlay AniMajor. Beginning its tournament journey in the upper bracket playoffs, Alliance was outclassed by PSG.LGD, losing the series 2-0. Now, in the lower bracket series against Team Spirit, which was widely being considered Alliance favored, S4 and his teammates once again looked unstable and their teamwork was wobbly, leading to the series loss.

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Alliance vs Team Spirit: Match Recap, Highlights, and S4 Interview


Game 1 saw Alliance putting themselves in a tough spot with a relatively unusual draft. However, the key factor in the outcome of the match was Alliance’s inability to match Spirit’s execution and map movement. Alliance had no real catch outside of Nikobaby’s Chronosphere which was well exploited by the enemies. A clinical performance by Spirit saw them taking the first game in 42 minutes.

Game 2 saw Alliance correct the lack of disables from their first game draft as it had a comprehensive draft overall this time. Additionally, they made the better moves and chose the right fights to establish a substantial lead. Though Spirit had the heroes to come back, Alliance never allowed them to do so, winning the second game in 33 minutes.

Game 3 was a stomp by Team Spirit as they outplayed their opponents in every department. Alliance looked out of sorts in some portions of the game while Spirit was on point with every aspect. An easy game three for Spirit ended in just 29 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

Alliance will be quite disappointed with the way the team played in both the current Major as well as the previous Singapore Major. When compared to other international teams, the team has actually looked below par despite good results in the regional league. Overall, they have not been as competitive on the international stage as they could have been.

Alliance's roster at the WePlay AniMajorImage Via WePlay EsportsAlliance exits the AniMajor in the 9th-12th place and hence, takes no portion of prize money or DPC points. Strong performances in the EU regional league mean that they have 800 points in the bag and so have a more than 99% chance of directly qualifying for TI10.

On the other hand, Team Spirit stays strong and continues its run at the AniMajor. They will be returning to action on June 11, 2021, in the next round of the lower bracket to face the winner of vs Vici Gaming.

Interview: Alliance S4 talks about the team’s performances and the preparations for TI10

Alliance’s captain, Gustav “s4” Magnusson, came for the post-match loser’s interview where he mentioned that the team had been doing well recently. However, he was upset with the fact that they could not execute those plans in the last couple of days.

Talking further about what the team will be focusing on before the start of TI10, S4 said,

“I think all of us are just gonna get to the best individual level we can get, play a lot of pubs. You know, be the best in your roles kinda. That’s what we are gonna focus on.”

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