Six Teams Disqualified From FFPL 2021 Summer for Using Hacks


Garena’s Free Fire Pro League 2021 (FFPL 2021) Summer Open Qualifiers has just disqualified six teams from the tournament, since members in the team were detected by the in-game anti-hack system to have used hacks. According to Free Fire Esports India, several members from FALLENFIVE?, blood-on, HYBRIDTAMILANS, BD✓MAFIYA✓K, 4-NOOBS! and ᴍɪsᴛᴇʀㅤɢᴀɴɢ were using in-game hacks and got banned consequently. These players along with their respective teams are now disqualified from the FFPL 2021 Summer. Meanwhile, Garena has also shortlisted potential teams who could replace these six in the FFPL 2021.

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Six Teams Disqualified from the FFPL 2021 Summer

Free Fire’s in-game anti-hack system caught six teams using hacks to gain an unfair advantage over their opponents during the FFPL 2021 Summer Open Qualifiers, resulting in them being disqualified from the tournament.

Additionally, teams that labeled themselves as teams from Bangladesh have also been disqualified from FFPL 2021 Summer.

Here are the following teams who are disqualified from the tournament;

  • Blood-on
  • 4-NOOBS!
  • Mister Gang

The exact identities of the players who used the hacks was not revealed by Garena.

Shortlisted Teams for the FFPL 2021 Summer

Garena has revealed the 6 teams who are shortlisted for the tournament. These teams will be contacted via in-game mail to confirm their participation.

Garena has shortlisted six other teams from the Free Fire City Open to replace these banned teams and will be contacting them shortly.

  • SRV18
  • G0D_LIKE

The next twenty teams have also been shortlisted on the waitlist;

Prior to participating in the FFPL 2021 Summer, the teams will undergo thorough verification. Garena clarified that receiving the mail will not guarantee a place in the tournament. It will be considered a forfeit if a team does not confirm participation within 48 hours of receiving the invitation and will be replaced by a team from the waitlist.

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What is FFPL 2021 Summer

The top 18 teams in India will compete for the lion’s share of a $47,972 USD (35 lakhs INR) prize pool in the FFPL 2021 Summer. Twelve invited finalists from the FFIC 2021 and six top teams from the FFPL 2021 Summer qualifiers make up the 18 teams competing in this tournament.

Open qualifiers are currently taking place. The league stages of the tournament will begin on June 26 and run until July 11, 2021. As for the finals, they will be held on July 18, 2021.

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