Call of Duty Warzone Leak: New Ural Mountains Map Revealed


Leakers from the Call of Duty: warzone community shared a video that looks like an unreleased map set in the Ural Mountains. The game’s latest map Verdansk ’84 has disappointed a lot of the fans because it did not contain too many changes from the original and the community has spoken out against the lack of new maps. Even Dr. Disrespect talked about how he is just waiting for the next big AAA title’s release to move on from Warzone. There has not been a brand-new map since April 2020 while titles like Apex Legends and Fortnite have come up with brand new maps.

Call of Duty: Warzone Ural Mountains Map Overview

Prominent Call of Duty leaker group Cheezeburgerboyz released a video of an alleged unreleased Ural Mountains map on Twitter before it was taken down by publisher Activision just hours later. The post is currently flagged with the message that it “has been withheld in a response to a report from the copyright holder” which potentially makes the leak credible.

In addition to an overview look at the entire map, the video showed gameplay where a player was running across the map and picking up items. The Call of Duty: Warzone Ural Mountains map shown in the video was completely different from any of the existing maps we have so far. The HUD shown in the video was different from Warzone which led to a lot of confusion as some fans debated if it was meant for Warzone or Cold War.

It is unknown when Warzone will receive a brand-new map. Last month Dr Disrespect said “Another year of Call of Duty: Warzone. Same f**king map. We needed a whole new designed map. The changes are cool, but we wanted a completely new map and new field. I think that was pretty disappointing.” He talked about how the Warzone developers had enough time to create a new map for this year but he is disappointed.

The game’s latest map “Verdansk ‘84” is a remodeled version of the original Verdansk map without too many significant changes to make the playerbase happy. Apex Legends has one new map every year and Fortnite is known for its great maps and content updates. The only new map Warzone players received in the past year was Rebirth Island which was taken from Call of Duty: Cold War and it is a much smaller map than what fans are used to with its own revive mechanics instead of the traditional Gulag system.

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