WePlay AniMajor: Playoffs Schedule and Other Details


With 12 of the best Dota 2 teams participating, the WePlay AniMajor’s playoffs will certainly showcase the best quality gameplay. After an extremely close wild card, we have now completed a competitive group stage with Vici Gaming and Team Nigma making it to the upper bracket playoffs while Vici Gaming, TNC Predator, Evil Geniuses, and Team Spirit qualify for the lower bracket. Unfortunately for Team Liquid and beastcoast, their WePlay AniMajor journey ends in the group stage. Now moving on to the playoff phase, it is set to kick off its first series on June 9, 2021, at the expected WePlay Esports Arena in Kyiv. The upper bracket and the lower bracket of the playoffs will feature a combined total of 18 series.

Take a look at the list of 12 teams competing in the WePlay AniMajor playoffs, the schedule, and the format.

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WePlay AniMajor: Playoffs Team List and Schedule

Team List

  1. Alliance (Europe West)
  2. T1 (SEA)
  3. Virtus.pro (Europe East)
  4. Team Aster (China)
  5. Quincy Crew (NA)
  6. NoPing e-sports (SA)
  7. PSG.LGD (China)
  8. Team Nigma (Europe West)
  9. Vici Gaming (China)
  10. Evil Geniuses (NA)
  11. TNC Predator (SEA)
  12. Team Spirit (CIS)


  • 12 teams double-elimination bracket.
  • All matches except for the Grand Finals will be BO3s.
  • BO5 Grand Finals

Schedule (All times are in SGT)

The playoffs will begin on June 9, 2021, and culminate with the grand finals on June 13.

June 9 (Wednesday)
Match No. Time Match Bracket Round
1 5:00 PM T1 vs Team Aster Upper Bracket Round 1
2 8:00 PM Alliance vs PSG.LGD Upper Bracket Round 1
3 11:00 PM Virtus.Pro vs Team Nigma Upper Bracket Round 1
2:00 AM Quincy Crew vs NoPing e-sports Upper Bracket Round 1

June 10 (Thursday)
Match No.
Time Match Bracket Round
5 5:00 PM Loser of Match 3 vs ViCi Gaming Lower Bracket Round 1
6 8:00 PM Loser of Match 2 vs Team Spirit Lower Bracket Round 1
7 11:00 PM Loser of Match 1 vs TNC Predator Lower Bracket Round 1
8 2:00 AM Loser of Match 4 vs Evil Geniuses Lower Bracket Round 1

June 11 (Friday)
Time Match Bracket Round
5:00 PM TBD vs TBD Upper Bracket Round 2
8:00 PM TBD vs TBD Upper Bracket Round 2
11:00 PM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Round 2
2:00 AM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Round 2

June 12 (Saturday)
Time Match Bracket Round
5:00 PM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Round 3
8:00 PM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Round 3
11:00 PM TBD vs TBD Upper Bracket Final
2:00 AM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Semifinals

June 13 (Sunday)
Time Match Bracket Round
9:00 PM TBD vs TBD Lower Bracket Final
1:00 AM TBD vs TBD Grand Final

Dota 2 fans will be thrilled to see that from the very first day of the WePlay AniMajor teams and players have showcased some serious competitiveness and amazing levels of gameplay. The playoffs are going to be the cherry on top. Six teams will be carrying momentum from the group stage while the other six will have closely studied and prepared game plans for these six qualified teams. So tune into WePlay Esports’ stream from June 9 to watch some top-notch Dota gameplay.

At the end of the WePlay AniMajor, we will also have the final list of 12 teams that receive a direct invite to TI10.

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