[Watch] CS:GO Player Pulls Off Insanely Risky 1v3 Clutch Without Taking Any Damage


It is not often that we come across a play on Inferno where a T-sided player is able to pull off a 1v3 clutch without taking any damage, despite the CTs locking down the ‘B-Site’ with the C4 under their control. Well, a CS:GO player live on Danish streamer Shuaib “D0cC” Ahmad’s Twitch broadcast was able to pull off this once in a blue moon moment on the back of a gutsy play. Using just his AK-47 to overcome a double AWP setup, the player was able to sneak into the site through an unguarded ‘Coffins’ area and wreak havoc on the opposition, without taking any damage in return.

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CS:GO Player Clutches Hard on Inferno

It is really hard to beat a double AWP setup on the ‘B-Site’ of Inferno when the CTs have possession of the C4 and you are the last man standing. Most players would not even imagine going for an attempt, opting for a save or simply lurk around the site to take some exit frags if possible.

But that was not an acceptable approach that this player was willing to take. Already having crept towards the ‘Construction’ area and roughly 50 seconds on his hand, the player committed to a very risky play. Despite facing a huge handicap, everything seemed to work in his favor and what happened next must have destroyed the opposition’s morale, because this 1v3 clutch was absolutely brutal.

From the clip above you can see that the CT-side had no clue about the user having snuck towards the ‘Construction’ area. As the CT AWPer was completely focused on the ‘CT-Spawn’ the user simply went around him which was hilarious to watch, the T-player then proceeded to spot the remaining CT players who were guarding the C4.

After taking care of them the user went on to subdue the AWPer on the site as well, winning the 1v3 clutch without taking any damage. The player even had an option to snatch the C4 and make a dash towards the ‘A-Site’, with 19 seconds on the clock it would have been a pretty comfortable dash with the knife out.

As it takes 14.5 seconds to reach the closest plant position on the ‘A-Site’, the T-sided player would have still had a surplus of 2.5 seconds if this decision would have been made.

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