MSC 2021: Blacklist International and Execration Book a Spot in the Playoffs


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2021 (MSC 2021) continues with as much action as the first day. We witnessed Execration’s veteran member Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso carrying his team as they dominated Nightmare Esports in their opening matchup. Former MSC 2017 champions IDONOTSLEEP Esports continued to perform poorly and finished with no wins against their name in the points table. Needless to say, the second day of the MSC 2021 Group Stage was filled with fist-clenching moments and amazing outplays. Here is a quick recap of what transpired on day two of the MSC 2021 Group Stage.

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MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 2 Recap

Impunity Cornered Bigetron Infinity to Victory (2-1)

Both teams were on equal footing during the early game for both matches. Bigetron’s highly aggressive strategy helped them secure a win in game one. However, Impunity KH managed to rise during the second and third games where they always had Bigetron cornered in team fights. A big contributor to Impunity’s victory is also the fact that they had secured almost all of the objectives, leaving Bigetron with nothing but minions to farm.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionImpunity focused on objectives which helped them win.

Execration Delivered a Clean Sweep Victory Against Nightmare Esports (2-0)

Nightmare Esports opted for a Diggie Strategy. However, Execration pulled off a counter-attack with Billy “Z4pnu” Alfonso’ Chou, ultimately pressuring Nightmare Esports into playing passively throughout game one. The same thing can be said in game two where Nightmare Esports couldn’t win team fights due to Z4pnu’s Yve bombarding them with magic damage through her ultimate skill Real World Manipulation. The match ended with Execration securing two straight wins with no losses.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionNightmare Esports barely secured any kills.

RSG MY Won Against Former MSC Champions IDONOTSLEEP Esports (0-2)

IDONOTSLEEP Esports looked good with 1v1 duels in their series against RSG MY. However, RSG MY countered it by grouping up and only engaging in team fights. This put IDONOTSLEEP Esports in a bad situation in which they were unable to secure kills and objectives as RSG MY quickly established control and secured objectives. The match ended with RSG MY securing a clean sweep victory against IDONOTSLEEP Esports.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionIDONOTSLEEP Esports is yet to secure a win.

EVOS Legends Dominated Cyber EXE (2-0)

This match seemed too easy for EVOS Legends. Cyber EXE kept making mistakes, allowing EVOS Legends to punish them. Cyber EXE was so far behind during the second match that EVOS Legends managed to finish it in less than 12 minutes. The match ended with EVOS Legends securing a clean sweep and a huge kill gap compared to Cyber EXE.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionCyber EXE barely secured any kills.

Blacklist International Showed their Double Healing Meta against Impunity KH (2-0)

Impunity KH barely stood a chance against the double healing meta of Blacklist International during game one. Impunity tried to counter the MPL PH Champions with a feeding Diggie strategy in game two, but Jhonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna opted to pick Yve and gave Danerie “Wise” Rosario’s Yi Sun-Shin a lot of opportunities to secure kills. The match ended with Blacklist International securing two wins and no losses.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionOppi made a mistake and got ambushed.

Nightmare Esports Had a Hard Time Dealing with EVOS SG (0-2)

Nightmare Esports opted for an aggressive strategy, ganking every lane whenever they got a chance. Meanwhile, EVOS SG played patiently and focused its attention on securing objectives as fast as possible and denied Nightmare Esports of jungle objectives. This worked perfectly for EVOS SG while Nightmare Esports found it impossible to keep up with EVOS’ lane pressure and engages. The match ended with EVOS SG securing a clean sweep victory against Nightmare Esports.

MSC 2021 Group Stage ConclusionNightmare Esports had a hard time countering EVOS SG.

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Who Qualified for the Playoffs?

After the conclusion of the MSC 2021 Group Stage Phase 1, RSG MY, EVOS Legends, Blacklist International, and Execration have secured a spot in the upper brackets. Meanwhile, the remaining teams will compete for a spot in the lower bracket on June 9, 2021 in Group Stage 2.

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