How To Change Chat Text Color in Valorant


To change the chat text color in Valorant, you need to tweak some game files, but it is worth the effort as it allows you to customize the colors to suit the UI better. There are various codes that correspond to certain colors, and you can choose one based on what you like. While Valorant offers a ton of options to customize the in-game user interface, including minimap and player UI settings, there is no way to change the text color in-game. Here is a quick guide to access some hidden codes to tweak the colors that your messages appear in. The method is completely safe, and it does not involve editing any game files or making changes that may affect Valorant’s terms of service.

How Do Custom Colors Work in Valorant’s Chat

In a viral TikTok with over 500K views by @pump1131, the user shows off how to use HTML codes to change the color of messages in both team chat and all chat. It is possible to change text color in Valorant but using these codes will not change your chat colors permanently. It will only affect the message you type with the HTML code and for all subsequent messages, you will need to re-apply the code.

pump1131 Valorant Text Color ChangeImage Credit: pump1131 / Tiktok

However, you can keep the HTML codes for your favorite colors saved in your clipboard and paste it wherever you want to type something in chat. It will be far more convenient than manually copying the lines of code each time you want to type something as you would need to tab out to a different window in the middle of a match. Or you could memorize the codes and type them out.

How to Change Text Color in Valorant Using HTML Codes

Here are all the codes that you need to know if you want to change the color of your messages.

  • Red: Text
  • Blue: Text
  • Yellow: Text
  • Green: Text
  • Pink: Text

All you need to do is use the appropriate code and replace “Text” with whatever you want to say.

For example, if you want to type GG EZ in Blue. This is what you would need to type:


These are the five default colors you can choose from, and it is unknown if more colors will be available in the future. Riot Games may also choose to disable this method in the future, so you should have fun while it is possible to use these custom colors.

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