How Can WePlay AniMajor Playoffs Teams Receive a TI10 Direct Invite?


Time is running out for teams who are trying to obtain the required amount of DPC points to receive a direct TI10 invite. The WePlay AniMajor playoffs are the last shot for Dota 2 teams to pocket the all-important DPC points for The International 10. Only 12 teams remain in this playoffs race out of which two, and Evil Geniuses, are already guaranteed to receive a direct invite to TI10. This means that the playoffs are absolutely crucial for the rest of the 10 teams competing in this tournament. While some of them like Quincy Crew have an easy route to receive the direct invite, others like Team Nigma and TNC Predator have to put up a performance of a lifetime to secure a direct TI10 berth through the WePlay AniMajor

Here is a look at which all teams competing in the AniMajor playoffs are in contention for the remaining eight direct invites, and what they need to do to secure it.

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TI10 Qualification Scenario of the WePlay AniMajor playoffs teams

Dota 2 statistician, Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, highlighted the qualification scenarios of the teams that are still in contention for the TI10 direct invite. The current threshold to receiving a TI10 direct invite is 801 points.

WePlay AniMajor playoffs bracketWePlay AniMajor playoffs bracket

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PSG.LGD, Alliance, Team Aster, Quincy Crew, T1, and Vici Gaming

PSG.LGD, Alliance, Team Aster, and Quincy Crew all have 800 points in the bag. T1 has 670 points while Vici Gaming has 600 points. However, all of these teams need top-eight finishes at the AniMajor to absolutely guarantee a TI10 direct invite, which means they need one series win in the playoffs.

Additionally, all these teams except for Vici Gaming are beginning their playoffs journey in the upper bracket so they have a better chance of making it through.

PSG.LGD will be facing Alliance so one out of these two teams is going to be assured a TI10 direct invite when they face each other on June 9. The loser will then still have to win one series (Team Spirit) to secure the invite.

Team Aster will also be playing T1 on June 9 so one out of these two teams is securing a TI10 direct invite. The loser will then still have to win one series (TNC Predator) to secure the invite.

Quincy Crew will be facing NoPing e-sports in the upper bracket on June 9. It will need to win this series to secure a slot. If Quincy Crew loses this series, it will still only need to win the series (against Evil Geniuses) to secure the invite.

Vici Gaming is the only one that begins in the lower brackets. It will be playing the loser of vs Team Nigma, Vici Gaming will just need this series win to guarantee a TI10 direct invite.

NoPing e-sports

NoPing e-sports currently has 585 points to its name. It needs a top-six finish to receive a direct invite to TI10.

If it wins against Quincy Crew, it will assure a top-six finish and hence qualify. However, if it loses, then it will have to beat Evil Geniuses in the lower bracket and then win one more series after that to qualify.

Team Nigma, TNC Predator, and Team Spirit

Team Nigma has 370 points, TNC Predator has 372.25, and Team Spirit has 385. These three teams require a top-two finish which means that they will have to reach the grand finals of the Major. Team Nigma has an upper hand at this since it begins in the upper bracket.

As for TNC and Spirit, they begin in the lower bracket, which means that even if they keep winning, they will eventually face each other in the lower bracket semifinals. So, only one of them can finish top-two.

Note: These are the placements that these teams require to secure a TI10 direct invite based on the calculations at the moment. However, these numbers will likely vary and teams that finish in lower places may still qualify directly for TI10 depending upon how the rest of the bracket plays out.

Beastcoast, Thunder Predator, and OB.Neon are the only three teams that currently find themselves in the top 12 of the DPC rankings but can no longer net DPC points. While beastcoast and Thunder Predator are still in a comfortable spot, OB.Neon needs to:

OB.Neon's direct qualification for TI10Image Via Noxville’s TwitterA lot needs to go in favor of OB.Neon in order for them to receive a TI10 direct invite. So we may be seeing them in the TI10 SEA regional qualifiers.

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