Free Fire OB28 Update Full Patch Notes: Ranked Season 7, New Characters, Weapon Changes, and More


The latest Free Fire OB28 Update is finally here after the game went under maintenance earlier today on June 8 from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM (IST). As expected there are a plethora of changes introduced to Free Fire from new weapons, character balances, Pet Rumble game mode, and more. The players are excited to obtain the bonus login rewards following the OB28 Update in the form of 2 x Diamond Royale and 2 x Weapon Royale Vouchers. Apart from this, the update will lead to some gameplay changes and possibly a new exciting meta as well somewhere down the line.

For now though, here is the complete list of changes brought along with the Free Fire OB28 Update and the full set of patch notes. We will also be highlighting certain key changes that stand out from the rest.

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Clash Squad

  • Ranked Season 7: The new rank season will start from June 9 onwards, at 2:30 PM (IST). All Free Fire players who are successfully able to reach a rank of ‘Gold II’ or above will obtain the ‘Golden M1014’ as a reward.
The Golden M1014The Golden M1014
  • A new ‘Grandmaster’ rank tier has been added to the game mode, further dividing into 3 sub-sections. As per information, the top 1000 Heroic players will be promoted to this rank.

    Grandmaster I: 1-100 Heroic ranked players

    Grandmaster II: 101-300 Heroic ranked players

    Grandmaster III: 301-1000 Heroic ranked players

Gameplay Changes – Battle Royale

  • A few new items have been added to the Vending Machine like Ammo and Repair Kit. Along with this, the purchase limit has also been increased for some items, while a personal purchase limit is now in place.

  • The time to capture the revival point has been increased to 33 seconds while the revival points per game have been reduced to 8. Along with this, the cooldown has also been increased to 180 seconds.

  • Rank points have been adjusted so as to decrease the difficulty for players when it comes to levelling up.

  • The total number of utility and grenade slots has been increased.

  • To make communication while playing Fire Fire more effective and efficient, Garena has finally introduced audio commands to the game.

Training Grounds

  • The overall capacity of the Training Ground has been Increased.

  • A new Airship has been added to the social zone.

  • A new Bumper Cars event has been added to the race track.

  • Addition of the Chat Emojis to communicate with flair.

  • A new leader board has been added to the combat zone.

Pet Rumble Game Mode

  • The hyped game mode Pet Rumble has finally arrived along with the Free Fire OB28 Update. Though the matchmaking will go live starting tomorrow from June 9, a first look at the gameplay shows that this game mode is a lot like Among Us.

  • Four new mini-games have been added to the scientists’ task.

  • A new skill called ‘Mini Trap’ is now also available for Pranksters.

New Weapon and Balances

  • A new ‘Ice Grenade’ has been introduced to Free Fire that will deal damage across a small area over a period of time, across both the Battle Royale and Clash Squad game modes. Its stats are as follows,

    Explosion Damage: 100

    Explosion Radius: 5 m

    Ice Frost Radius: 5 m Ice

    Frost Duration: 10 secs

    Enemy players who remain within the ‘Ice Frost’ radius will be affected with a 10% decrease in movement speed, 20% decrease in the rate of fire, and receive about 5-10 damage per second.

  • A new weapon called ‘Mini Uzi’ was also added to Free Fire along with the new update, featuring an economical burst damage weapon with a high rate of fire. Its stats are as follows,

    Base Damage: 17

    Rate of Fire: 0.055 sec

    Magazine: 18

    Attachments: None

  • M1917: The M1917 Revolver Pistol received a small buff, making it more viable in medium-range encounters.

    Minimum Damage: 36 to 45

    Effective Range: +25%

  • KORD: The high fire rate light machine gun KORD has received a buff.

    Accuracy: +28%

    Rate of Fire in Machine-Gun Mode: +25%

    Damage Multiplier to Gloo Walls, Oil Barrels, and Vehicles: +120%.

  • M60: Another light machine gun has also received a slight buff.

    Damage in Machine-Gun Mode: +5

    Damage Multiplier to Gloo Walls, Oil Barrels, and Vehicles: +60%.

  • Kar98K: The 8x scope sniper gun was also buffed to increase its pick rate as the ranged weapon was mostly overshadowed by other available scoped weapons.

    Damage to the arms and legs: +25%

    Damage to the body: -10

    Armour Penetration has been introduced: 0 to +40%

Characters, Pets, and Balances

  • A new character called ‘D-Bee’ has been released along with the latest Free Fire update. The character has an ability called ‘Bullet Beats’ which increases the movement speed and accuracy when spraying while moving, leveling up this ability increases the buff percentage.

    Movement Speed increases by 5/7/9/11/13/15%

    Accuracy by 10/13/17/22/28/35%

D-Bee - New Free Fire CharacterD-Bee – New Free Fire Character
  • Along with a new character, a new pet called ‘Dashy Duckwalk’ has been added. The pet will provide a movement speed buff by 30/40/60%.

  • Paloma: The female character will see her ability ‘Arms Dealing’ being improved, applying to all type of ammunition except for the 40 mm. Also, the extra ammo will not be taking up inventory space, levelling up as follows: 45/60/75/90/105/120.

  • Clu: The characters ability ‘Tracing Steps’ will be adjusted and the location will be shared with her teammates at all levels. The ability stats will increase as follows,

    Radius: 50/55/65//70/75 m

    Duration: 5/5.5/6/6.5/7/7.5 secs

    Cooldown: 75/72/69/66/63/60 secs.

  • Laura: Her ‘Sharp Shooter’ ability will be improved. Her accuracy while scoped in will increase as follows, 10/13/17/22/28/35%.

Gameplay Optimizations

  • Players can now enable/disable vending machines and respawn points in the minimap.

  • Animations have been optimized for the Katana.

  • The background for the character page has been optimized.

  • Optimization of the mode selection menu display.

  • The level requirement will no longer be necessary when awakening a character.

  • Players can choose which rank they want to display in the ranked interface.

  • Adjusted stat display in Battle Royale and ranked Clash Squad Interface.

  • Optimized buttons displayed on game HUD.

  • The backpack can now be displayed in the lobby via settings.

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