Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021: Qualified Teams, Schedule, Prize Pool, Format, More


The Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 featuring a massive INR 60,000,000 prize pool ($82,301 approx.) is all set to enter the second stage of the tournament ‘Regional Finals’, scheduled to take place from June 15 to July 9. The entry-level tournament is open to any and all teams that are looking to start their journey within the competitive Free Fire circuit. This is why FFCO starts off with the open qualifiers that are officially known as ‘FFC Mode’. Various open qualifiers are held for different regions, as the top twelve teams from this stage further move on to the ‘Regional Finals’ and ‘Wildcard Finals’, respectively. From here on the shortlisted teams fight it out in a bid to make their way to the ‘National Finals’, scheduled to take place on August 15.

This was a small gist of an almost five months long Free Fire tournament (April-August) which acts as a grassroots level competition, providing an opportunity for new players and teams to showcase their talent. Let us take a look at the teams that have managed to qualify through the FFC Mode, the schedule of the next stage of the event, the overall prize pool breakdown, and other important details.

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Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 – Complete Overview

FFCO 2021: Tournament Format

The Free Fire City Open 2021 being an entry-level tournament is broadly divided into five stages, truly testing the strength of all the participants. Here is a quick overview of the entire tournament structure,

FFC Mode

The tournament starts off with the ‘FFC Mode’ which are nothing but region-based open qualifiers. The eight eligible regions for direct participation are Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, Mumbai, and Vizag. The top twelve teams from each region further move on to the next stage called ‘Regional Finals’.

Players or teams from outside the regions mentioned above who participate in this tournament are grouped together under a separate category. The top twelve teams from here move on to the ‘Wildcard Finals’.

Regional Finals

The twelve teams from the ‘FFC Mode’ further fight it out in the ‘Regional Finals’, the top teams from each region directly qualifying for the ‘National Finals’. Meanwhile, the teams that attain a second to fourth finish from each region get a second chance to make it to the final stage, as they move on to the ‘Regional Play-Ins’.

Wildcard Finals

The twelve teams that qualify without belonging to any of the eight specified regions move on to this stage. However, only the top two teams get a chance to directly make their way to the ‘National Finals’ while the rest are eliminated.

Regional Play-Ins

The teams that finished second to fourth in the ‘Regional Finals’ from each region, get a second chance to make it to the finals stage. The 24 teams are divided into two equal groups, competing in a best-of-six format with the top six teams from each group making their way to the ‘Regional Play-Ins Finals’.

These 12 teams once again fight it out in a best-of-six format with the top two teams making their way into the ‘National Finals’.

National Finals

The absolute final stage of the FFCO tournament, ‘National Finals’ consists of a total of 12 Free Fire teams (8 from Regional Finals, 2 from Regional Play-Ins Finals, 2 from Wildcard Finals). A best-of-six format is followed and the best performing team is crowned as the Free Fire City Open champions.

Free Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 - Tournament FormatFree Fire City Open (FFCO) 2021 – Tournament Format

FFCO 2021: Tournament Schedule

With the FFC Mode coming to an end in April, the qualified teams for the upcoming stages are ready to give their best in order to qualify for the National Finals of FFCO 2021. Here is the complete schedule of the upcoming stages right up to the final event.

FFCO 2021: Tournament Prize Pool

This time the FFCO 2021 is featuring an overall Prize Pool of INR 60 Lakhs ($82,301 approx.) which will be divided between all the 12 Free Fire teams that make it to the National Finals. The total prize pool will be divided as follows between the finalists,


Apart from this, a part of the prize pool will also be used for a couple of player awards which are as follows,

Most Kills (Teams)

FFCO 2021: Qualified Teams

This is all the information about Free Fire City Open 2021 that we currently have on our hands. The next phase of the competition is about to begin from June 15 onwards, so stay tuned for more details about the tournament as we draw closer to the National Finals.

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