WePlay Esports Joins Team Secret and OG on the Twitter Banter Wagon


Team Secret, a team that generally leaves no stone unturned to poke fun at other Dota 2 teams (including themselves!) has been eliminated in the wild card round of the AniMajor. WePlay Esports wasted no time in taking this opportunity to throw a jab at them!. After Vici Gaming lost its first game in the series against Team Nigma in just 16 minutes during the group stage, WePlay Esports took a humorous dig by comparing this result with Team Secret’s early elimination from the Major. Team Secret had no answers to this troll as it went on to hilariously write that WePlay Esports had been “Blocked and reported.” OG was also seen stepping in later.

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WePlay Esports trolls Team Secret for early elimination from the AniMajor

Team Secret’s Twitter handle is one of the most active ones in the Dota 2 space as it has the knack for making memes and poking fun at various game moments and team performances.

WePlay Esports, the organizer behind the AniMajor, has also been quite on top of its Twitter game during the course of the event as it consistently posts engaging fan polls and content.

Now with two Twitter handles actively engaging not only with their audiences but also with each other, it was only a matter of time before they took some healthy digs at each other. WePlay Esports spotted an opportunity after Team Nigma absolutely demolished Vici Gaming in the first game of the series, forcing a GG call from the Chinese powerhouse in just 16 minutes.

WePlay Esports, in an attempt to troll Team Secret, tweeted, “What lasted longer? TeamNigma vs VICI or Team Secret at the WePlay Animajor”

After Team Secret responded “Blocked and reported,” WePlay Esports asked Secret to not tell the team’s captain, Clement “Puppey” Ivanov, about this Tweet. In the Dota 2 community, Puppey is jokingly referred to as a feared professional.

Team Secret and WePlay Esports Twitter BanterImage Via Team Secret’s TwitterOG, who had failed to qualify for the WePlay AniMajor, also stepped in like saying. “Easy, me as a spectator.”

Fans also seemed to have a fun time in the comments section as one of them could be seen pulling OG’s leg about the recent Dota 2 coaching controversy.

Team Secret, OG and WePlay Twitter banterImage Via iAbhimanyuSingh’s TwitterOG has been targeted by trolls in the community after the recent Dota 2 coaching controversy that primarily involved Alliance. A recent rule change, which was later retracted, had allowed Dota 2 coaches to communicate with teams in-game. Alliance used this to its advantage during the initial portions of the DPC.
OG’s members had seemingly not been impressed by this as they called out Alliance on Twitter. While the issue was overall a hot potato, some Dota 2 fans chose to take a lighter tone by joking that OG didn’t read its emails properly since this rule change had been communicated via an email by DreamHack.
Even OG’s captain had later made a joke on this controversy tweeting, “I accept NoMail.”

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