Day 1 of MSC 2021 Ends With Only Clean Sweep Victories


The first day of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup 2021 (MSC 2021) was filled with fist-clenching action between the best MLBB teams from the SEA region. Fans witnessed Execration’s Kelra dominating the MPL SG champions EVOS SG using his favorite hero Harith. The two Resurgence sister teams – RSG MY and RSG SG, faced off with the former proving to be the superior team. Needless to say, the first day of the MSC 2021 Group Stage was filled with interesting moments. Here is a quick recap of what transpired on day one of the MSC 2021 Group Stage.

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MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1: Recap, Highlights, and Interesting Moments

RSG MY Dominated their Sister Team RSG SG (2-0)

The two sister teams clashed on the very first day of the MSC 2021 Group Stage. Despite both teams carrying the Resurgence name, the differences in their playstyles were evident, with the Singaporean team opting for a tanky setup while the Malaysian team chose the aggressive carry tactic. RSG SG was pretty good with zoning out their opponents, but RSG MY’s mastery of proper engagement and team rotations proved superior as they dominated both matches, securing their first win in the MSC 2021.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1RSG MY split up RSG SG to easily take down squishy heroes.

EVOS Legends Countered Todak’s Creative Team Compositions (2-0)

Despite Todak picking more creative team compositions, EVOS Legends dominated by sticking to the heroes they’re best at. EVOS had complete map control during both matches, forcing Todak to play defensively. Joshua “LJ” Darmansyah’s roaming Diggie proved to be crucial for EVOS during game two as they accurately predicted Todak’s next move. The match ended with EVOS Legends securing two straight wins against Todak.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1Todak couldn’t contest EVOS Legends’ aggressiveness.

Blacklist International Went All Out Against Bigetron Alpha (2-0)

Blacklist International, the team that is known for creating its own meta during the MPL PH Season 7, is up against Bigetron Esports. BTR is an ML team that is known for suicidal but effective team compositions. During game one, Blacklist proved that they are masters of their own craft, as the team’s captain Jhonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna’s Yve easily stole a purple buff, one minute into the game. It all went downhill for BTR after Blacklist started securing kills and objectives fast. The match ended with Blacklist International securing a clean sweep victory against Bigetron Alpha.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1Bigetron Alpha had a hard time securing kills.

Kelra’s Harith Led Execration to Victory against EVOS SG (2-0)

Execration proved that they could take down a champion as they dominated MPL SG Winners EVOS SG on the first day of the MSC 2021 Group Stage. Duane “Kelra” Pilllas’ Harith proved to be the weakness of EVOS SG as the young prodigy dominated two matches, even earning a “Maniac” in game one. This gave Execration a well-deserved victory against EVOS SG. The Singaporean champions tried their hardest to keep up with Execration’s quick rotations and roaming tactics but Kelra was always there to take them down with his Harith.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1Kelra carried his team to victory against EVOS SG.

RSG SG Dominated MSC 2017 Champions IDONOTSLEEP Esports (2-0)

After a long and action-packed match, RSG SG emerged victorious against MSC 2017 champions IDONOTSLEEP Esports. The former champions tried to stall out the matches with Patchara “Ranella” Korpakdee’s feeding Diggie strategy, hoping to gain the late game scaling, but RSG SG was already one step ahead of them as the Singaporeans took their time to farm and secure as many objectives as they could. The match ended with RSG SG securing a clean sweep victory against IDONOTSLEEP Esports.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1The Feeding Diggie strat has been countered by RSG SG.

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Todak’s Ciku Led His Team to Victory Against Cyber EXE (2-0)

The early matches were evenly matched for both teams. However, things got serious during the mid to late game where Danial “Ciku” Fuad showcased some classy outplays and taunt mechanics that baited Cyber EXE into team fights that they couldn’t win. Ciku’s reckless engagements were supported by his team which ultimately worked in their favor, giving them a clean sweep victory against Cyber EXE.

Philippine Teams Dominating the MSC 2021 Group Stage Day 1Ciku taunting TNTK into a 1v1 fight.

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