Apex Legends Wraith Exploit Allows Players to Negate Tactical Cooldown


Wraith has been one of the strongest characters in Apex Legends, but a new exploit that was discovered recently might make her extremely difficult to fight against. Despite changes to her hitbox, the temporary addition of “Low-Profile” and multiple nerfs, she continues to be among the top three legends in the game. A new exploit that was discovered allows players to bypass her tactical cooldown, which can grant her near-permanent invulnerability. Respawn Entertainment is yet to address the issue but we can expect a patch very soon with Apex Legends’ Global Series matches underway and the bug potentially hurting competitive integrity.

What is The New Wraith Exploit in Apex Legends

Wraith is one of the strongest characters in Apex Legends because she is the only legend who can become completely invulnerable for a few seconds using her tactical ability. Her “Into The Void” ability allows her to become invulnerable and relocate without taking any damage. Despite multiple nerfs to the ability since the game’s release, it is still a game-defining ability. The new bug allows players to wall bounce at the right time while casting Wraith’s tactical ability, and it does not put their ability on cooldown.

The exploit was shown off on the official Apex Legends subreddit and it does not look like an easy-to-replicate bug. However, players who have mastered the ability to wall bounce can pull it off consistently and make Wraith invulnerable almost permanently with a little bit of downtime. It can be very tricky to deal with players who abuse this exploit and it is likely that Respawn Entertainment will deploy a hotfix to address it.

Wraith continues to be one of the most dominant characters in the game with a 13% pick rate, and she narrowly misses the number one spot to Octane in the current season. At launch, Wraith had much lower cooldowns, a smaller hitbox and shorter casting animations for her abilities. Respawn Entertainment has hit the interdimensional assassin with countless nerfs and players continue to use her because of her powerful tactical and ultimate abilities.

Loba and Octane also have similar exploits which allow players to use their tactical abilities in the Phase Runner map in Arenas without any cooldown. Abusing exploits can potentially lead to in-game bans and it is not recommended to take advantage of them.

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