Amihan Esports Crowned Champions in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH: Summer Season


Amihan Esports defeated Team Secret 3-2 in the grand finals of the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH: Summer Season after an action-packed BO5 match. In the first three matches, Team Secret unleashed their signature team composition, forcing Amihan Esports to experiment to determine what team composition would work against high sustain champions. Amihan, however, found their perfect counter and eventually won the series. Both Amihan Esports and Team Secret will represent the Philippines at the upcoming Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup, where they will compete against top players from other SEA regions.

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Amihan Esports Crowned Champions in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH: Summer Season

Following an intense match in the grand finals, Amihan Esports won the regional championship after defeating Team Secret by a score of 3-2 in a BO5 match. Both teams showcased their skills with Team Secret playing their popular high-sustain team composition. However, Amihan stood firm with their traditional lineup and eventually overcame Team Secret thanks to their impressive team chemistry and map control.

We saw Team Secret’s secret weapon, the Seraphine and Sona dragon lanes, in the first three games. Amihan Esports won game one thanks to Karlll’s Fiora initiating a crucial backdoor at the 22-minute mark while Team Secret secured game two with their massive sustained team composition and Tatsurii’s Galio securing a quadra kill. Amihan had the objectives stolen during the third game but Team Secret dominated the map thanks to the sustain provided by Hewy’s Seraphine and Hamez’s Sona. Overall, Team Secret was pretty consistent in the first three matches.

Amihan Esports Crowned Champions in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH: Summer SeasonAmihan had a hard time countering the Seraphine and Sona combo.

In the fourth match, we finally witnessed Team Secret letting go of their high sustain team composition, opting for a traditional team setup for both teams. However, this didn’t work in their favor as Karlll’s Akali was simply too powerful for them to handle, allowing Amihan to secure their second win.

In the final deciding match, Amihan went very aggressive, giving Team Secret a pretty hard time. An impressive Baron steal from Trebor’s Camille allowed Team Secret to even the tides. However, this didn’t stop Amihan from dominating the whole match. At the 14-minute mark, a crucial team fight occurred at the top lane which cost Team Secret three of their members, allowing Amihan to finish the game and claim the championship title.

Amihan Esports Crowned Champions in the Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH: Summer SeasonTeam Secret barely had any kills secured in the final match.Amihan Esports will be going home with $8,387 USD in prize money along with the title of Wild Rift SEA Icon Series PH champions. Team Secret, on the other hand, will have to settle with second place and a $6,290 cash prize.

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This isn’t the end of the journey for Team Secret as they will also be joining Amihan Esports to represent the Philippines in the upcoming SEA Icon Series 2021: Summer Super Cup where they will compete with the top players from other regions.

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