Iconic Grove Street From GTA: San Andreas Recreated as a CS:GO Map


Imagine the joy of walking around the iconic Grove Street from GTA: San Andreas but within CS:GO, while playing a classic 5v5 or Hostage Rescue game mode. Well, a CS:GO user who has created multiple maps for the game and goes by the name of ‘dido’ on Steam, recently created a replica of Grove Street which was very well received by the community members. The map actually looks very realistic, but without pedestrians or vehicles running around, it feels a bit eerie. The map is very open though with less to offer in the name of cover, not making it an ideal map to play on strictly speaking about its gameplay.

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GTA: San Andreas’ Grove Street in CS:GO

Community maps are a big part of CS:GO, now more than ever before as Valve has announced new changes to further segregate between Non-Prime and Prime Status accounts. With many players, a bit reluctant to purchase the Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam store, ranked matchmaking is now not an option for all the players.

This might result in a surge for more community maps like this Grove Street remake from GTA: San Andreas. The iconic replica made by a Brazilian map creator ‘dido’ is now available in CS:GO as a map on which players can play multiple game modes.

Original Grove Street from GTA San AndreasOriginal Grove Street from GTA San Andreas

The recreated map has been really well designed considering the limitations of the Source 2 engine, which usually ends up crippling the game itself. The cul-de-sac might seem a bit eerie due to the absence of pedestrians and vehicles, but the feel of running around Grove Street Families’ main base of operations is just surreal and is sure to make anyone feel nostalgic.

Users can find everything from the Johnson House, Sweet’s house just two doors down, the side alleyway leading out to the neighboring street, the long street leading up to the houses, and other iconic structures. But despite the looks from a gameplay perspective, the map is quite poor due to the vast open spaces and lack of cover, making it incredibly tough for players to come up with any sort of tactics or strategy while playing.

The creator of this map is quite talented though without any doubt, having made 7 more community CS:GO maps like Mansion, Docks, Metropol, Rio de Janeiro cs_rio, Manor, Rooftop, and Condemned. With the Grove Street map garnering more than 26,000 unique visitors and 50 rewards since its release on May 28, the map is starting to go viral within the CS:GO community.

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