Galaxy Racer’s Cheeky Meepo Eliminates OB.Neon From the BTS Pro Series


It looks like Galaxy Racer is making progress with its new roster as it has eliminated OB.Neon from the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia Season 6 to progress to the lower bracket final. Galaxy Racer secured a clinical 2-0 victory as it seemed to out draft OB.Neon in both the games. While it cruised to victory with impeccable core performances in the first game, Galaxy Racer got off to a slow start in the second game. Still, courtesy of AlaCrity’s mind-blowing Meepo showing, the team managed to make a great comeback. inYourdreaM and his teammates will now be up against Motivate.Trust Gaming in the lower bracket final.

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Galaxy Racer vs OB.Neon: Match Recap and Highlights


In game 1, OB.Neon picked a mid Sand King for Yopaj, a practice that was quite common at the start of the meta but has since been shunned by others. It did not work out this time as he died multiple times, giving enemy cores ample space to farm. Galaxy Racer played the teamfight also incredibly well and ended the game in 37 minutes, with inYourdreaM and AlaCrity’s combined KDA being 24-2-32.

Game 2 saw a niche Meepo by Galaxy Racer as its last pick. OB.Neon picked Mars for Yopaj as its last pick to counter Meepo but their heroes had no effective synergy. They had an offlane Queen of Pain and safe lane Templar Assassin. Even though OB.Neon got off to good starts with the laning advantage these heroes had. With Meepo leading the charge, Galaxy Racer once again outplayed them in teamfights to win in just 26 minutes.


Here are some highlights of the series.

OB.Neon’s elimination from the BTS Pro Series Season 6 can be owed to its dip in form and some temporary roster adjustments that it has had to make recently due to medical reasons. After ending its Asian Showdown journey, the team will look to take some time off before it comes out with all guns blazing at the TI10 SEA qualifiers.

Galaxy Racer's new rosterPoloson, Jhocam, Meracle, and inYourdreaM have reunited in Galaxy Racer after having played together for T1 in 2020.

Image Via Galaxy Racer’s TwitterOn the other hand, Galaxy Racer is looking solid and will be facing one of the strongest SEA teams in the event, Motivate.Trust Gaming. Motivate.Trust Gaming had lost 2-1 to BOOM Esports in the first series of the day to fall to the lower brackets. The winner of this matchup will go on to face BOOM Esports in the grand finals. Both these matches will take place on June 6, 2021.

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