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Nvidia DLSS is coming to boost frame rates for Linux gamers this month

Three companies making DLSS possible on Linux OS

(Image credit: Valve, Linux, Nvidia)

Computex 2021 has been full of exciting announcements to heighten our gaming experiences, including AMD’s sneak preview of FidelityFX Super Resolution, coming June 22. The tech looks set to rival Nvidia’s AI-powered upscaling DLSS tech, but the competition refuses to be overshadowed. Nvidia had some announcements on the resolution upscaling front, too, in that it’s now partnering with Valve to bring DLSS to Linux gamers. 

Through the magic of Steam Proton software (Steam Play), which allows Linux-based gamers to play Microsoft Windows games without a hassle, Linux gamers will soon be able to get in on the Deep Learning Super Sampling love.

It would be a mistake to marginalise Linux-based gamers from this fancy new tech, it’s what they live for. Much like it would be a crime to keep an artificially intelligent image quality enhancer as a Windows exclusive feature. 

Support will be rolling out soon, though there’s no official games list available yet.

Steam Play and DLSS supported games will hopefully get the same boost as Windows users once the partnership reaches fruition. And it won’t be long according to Nvidia. DLSS Steam Play support for Vulkan titles is coming later this month, which shouldn’t be too much trouble to get working, and DirectX support will also hit the Linux gaming crowd by autumn this year. 

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