Mobile Legends Akashic Chronicles Explained


As part of the Akashic Chronicles event, Mobile Legends Adventure (MLA) will delve deeper into the game’s lore, featuring heroes from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang franchise as well as exclusive heroes found only in MLA. Free in-game goodies are featured in the new event, including free summon tickets and a new login reward featuring the 5-star hero Amaterasu. Players who missed out on the 5-star epic hero Kahrimet from the previous login reward can still obtain the hero by completing Story Campaign 4 in Mobile Legends: Adventure.

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Mobile Legends Akashic Chronicles Details

Mobile Legends’ Akashic Chronicles follow the adventures of the support player Akashic along with favorite heroes in the Mobile Legends universe. Akashic’s lore will be enhanced with this content, adding more backstory to him and how he met the other heroes in Mobile Legends Adventure.

Mobile Legends Akashic Chronicles ExplainedAkashic Chronicles is now added in the game.This content, as well as various other events such as the 25 Million Download celebration in Mobile Legends Adventure, are currently available. To access the new content, players need to download the latest patch update.

Mobile Legends Adventure 25 Million Downloads Celebration

Alongside the new Akashic Chronicles content in the game, an event to celebrate the 25 Million Download milestone of Mobile Legends Adventure is also ongoing. The event gives players a ton of summon tickets along with a free 5-star hero named Amaterasu.

Free 50 Summon Scrolls

Players can claim 10 summon scrolls every day for 5 days. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire a ton of free summon scrolls to acquire the heroes you want.

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Free 5-Star Hero Amaterasu

Players who login for a total of 28 days can also claim a free 5-star hero named Amaterasu. You can also claim another duplicate of Amaterasu if you complete Campaign 1 of the story mode of Mobile Legends Adventure. You can acquire up to two duplicates of Amaterasu this way.

Mobile Legends Akashic Chronicles ExplainedYou can claim up to two Amaterasu.

Mobile Legends Adventure is a fun Idle-RPG spinoff of Moonton’s popular mobile MOBA title Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this mobile RPG game, you can dive deeper into the lore of each of your favorite heroes as you proceed to the campaign story mode.

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