MLBB Project Next Phase 2 Revamp: More Details Revealed


Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s most-anticipated Project Next Phase 2 is fast approaching with three hero revamps revealed. Project Next Phase 2 will feature a revamp for Karina, Alpha, and Minotaur, as revealed in a teaser. They aim to make the three heroes more competitive in high rank matches, while updating their old character models to reflect the modern style of Mobile Legends. Phase 2 of Project Next will not be a complete overhaul of the three heroes, but instead will enhance their visual appeal and add a few more features to their abilities. You can find more information about the three new heroes for Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 below.

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Karina Revamp for MLBB Project Next Phase 2

Karina’s character model will be updated to fit her role as an assassin hero in Mobile Legends. While keeping her core mechanics, the developers tweaked her abilities slightly to make her more viable in high rank matches.

MLBB Project Next Phase 2 Revamp: More Details RevealedNew Karina Revamp ModelKarina’s ultimate will still work the same with an added effect of leaving a shadow clone behind the target enemy. Using the ultimate skill a second time will teleport her to the clone’s location.

Karina’s passive skill will not only deal true damage after three attacks on the same target, but also reduce her non-ultimate skill cooldowns. In addition, when her first skill is cast, it will shield her from any incoming basic attacks.

Alpha Revamp for MLBB Project Next Phase 2

The second hero to receive a revamp is Alpha. As with Karina, Alpha will receive changes to his character model as well as some additional effects.

MLBB Project Next Phase 2 Revamp: More Details RevealedAlpha recieves slight changes to his design and abilities.His ultimate will now knockup and drag enemies towards a certain location. This allows him to gather his enemies and focus his attacks on one single location.

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Minotaur Revamp for MLBB Project Next Phase 2

Finally, we have Minotaur. His revamp is more focused on his appearance rather than his abilities, in contrast to the two previous heroes. While maintaining his color scheme, the devs added brighter hair, as well as glowing armor and weapons to emphasize his relentless rage.

MLBB Project Next Phase 2 Revamp: More Details RevealedMinotaur’s revamp is focused on his visual design.

A ton of visual effects and animation improvements have been implemented on Minotaur. This gives him a more updated design that fits the current theme of Mobile Legends.

MLBB Project Next Phase 2 Release Date

According to the data miner abyssal_mlbb, the MLBB Project Next Phase 2 will be arriving soon on June 15, 2021. However, Moonton is yet to officially announce the Project Next Phase 2 update in Mobile Legends. So take this information with a grain of salt.

This is just some of the upcoming changes that the Project Next Phase 2 will bring to Mobile Legends. Players can look forward to more exciting new content in the upcoming update.

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