Apex Legends Patch 1.71: Full Notes and Updates


Apex Legends’ Patch 1.71 just released on all platforms but Respawn Entertainment did not release an official documentation of all the patch notes. However, the developers have confirmed what changes have been included in Apex Legends’ patch 1.71. The biggest update in the patch is the inclusion of leaver penalties in Arenas, which has been long requested by fans ever since the mode came out last month. There are other bugfixes and changes included in Apex Legends’ patch 1.71 as well along with a special limited-time badge that players can collect upon logging into the game during Pride Month.

Apex Legends Patch 1.71: Arenas Changes

A leaver penalty system was included in the game but it was accidentally removed in a previous update. The new patch has restored the match abandonment penalties that were meant to be included as part of the mode but there were no penalties being handed out for dashboarding.

Dashboarding refers to force-quitting the game before losing a match to avoid the repercussions of poor performance. It was commonplace in Season 3 and it made a return in Arenas as well. However, unlike casual matches where you can leave and preserve your KD and winrate, leaving Arenas matches would award you a loss but preserve your KD.

With Apex Legends patch 1.71, abandoning teammates will lead to queue restrictions. A ranked mode is also coming to the game in the coming weeks for Arenas players and the penalty system is likely to be in place in ranked mode as well.

Apex Legends Patch 1.71: Pride Month Badge

The new Apex Legends patch 1.71 added a Pride badge to celebrate diversity during Pride month. The game has multiple characters from the LGBQT+ community including Loba, Bloodhound, Gibraltar and the game’s newest legend, Valkyrie.

To redeem the new badge, players simply need to login to the game during June, and they will be awarded the badge automatically.

Apex Legends Patch 1.71: Voice Chat Issues Addressed

Nintendo Switch users were affected by voice chat issues which has been addressed in the latest patch. Players should now be able to communicate with teammates using both the hardware mic on the Nintendo Switch as well as third-party mics on connected microphones.

There are no other notable changes aside minor bug fixes. The patch also did not include any balance changes and a bigger patch is expected later this month when Arenas’ ranked mode goes live for all players.

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