Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Full Notes and Updates


Moonton has revealed the 1.5.84 patch update for the advanced server of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang featuring the new upcoming hero Natan, the Spacetime Walker. The new update brings several balance changes for heroes that are overperforming in the current meta while also buffing certain heroes who are underperforming. The new hero Natan has also been revealed in the Advanced Server of Mobile Legends. However, he is still a work in progress and may not be arriving in the regular servers anytime soon. If you are curious about the Mobile Legends Advanced Server patch update 1.5.84, more details can be found below.

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Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: New Hero

Natan, the Spacetime Walker

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Full Notes and UpdatesNatan, the Spacetime Walker has been revealed.

This new hero is a marksman who deals magic damage with his basic attacks. The new hero is currently only available in the advanced server of Mobile Legends and is a work in progress.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Hero Adjustments

X.Borg (Buffed)

X.Borg has been having a hard time competing in the current meta. The devs will give him a slight boost.

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 50-120 → 40-100
  • Total Physical Attack Bonus for Damage: 50% → 60%

Esmeralda (Buffed)

The devs are giving her a bit more damage for his second skill.

Skill 2

  • Base Damage of Each Hit: 210-410 → 240-440

Lunox (Buffed)

Lunox will receive a slight buff and a few adjustments to her first skill.

Skill 1- Chaos Assault

  • Lunox now deals additional damage to all enemy targets, which is equal to a certain proportion of their Max HP.
  • Additional damage dealt to creeps: 1.5% – 3.5% of their Max HP → 3%-7% of their Max HP.

Alpha (Adjusted)

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Full Notes and UpdatesAlpha get a slight adjustment.Similar to X.Borg, Alpha is currently underperforming. The devs will give him a slight boost that can help him keep up.

Skill 2

  • Base Damage of Strikes: 350-500 → 250-500
  • Base HP Regen Per Hit: 125-250 → 100-250


  • New Effect: Beta’s first two strikes reduce enemies’ Movement Speed by 90% for 0.2s.

Zhask (Nerfed)

Zhask gets a few nerfs and bug fixes to make him more consistent.


  • Slightly reduced Basic Attacks where Base Damage after Nightmaric Spawn is enhanced.
  • Greatly increased Nightmaric Spawn’s Base HP after it is enhanced.
  • Fixed an issue where, in some situations, Nightmaric Spawn’s HP would be reset to full after it is enhanced.

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Jawhead (Nerfed)

A lot of players have been using Jawhead due to his insane durability. The devs are tuning him down.

Skill 2

  • Base Shield: 350-800 → 250-600
  • Total Physical Attack Bonus for Damage Absorption of the Shield: 140% → 180%

Chang’e (Nerfed)

Chang’e is havign way too much power and mobility. The devs are nerfing her a bit.

Skill 1

  • Base Damage: 300-500 → 300-450


  • Movement Speed Boost: 20% → 10%

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Roaming Skill Changes

The devs made it more challenging to acquire Roaming Skills. This has been done to balance out the previous adjustments made to Thriving.

  • Gold from Thriving required for acquiring the initial skill: 500-2000 → 600-1500 (Skill strength is adjusted accordingly.)
  • New Effect: When a player’s Gold from Thriving reaches its limit, all the other allied players will not gain more Gold from Thriving.

Roaming Skill- Favor (Buffed)

  • Cooldown: 20s → 15s

Roaming Skill- Dire Hit (Nerfed)

  • Cooldown: 20s → 30s
  • Triggers when: being below 40% Max HP → is below 35% Max HP

Roaming Skill – Encourage (Buffed)

  • To provide more roamers with a relatively easier skill, ML changed the effect of Encourage to Passive.
  • Active Effect changed to Passive Effect: Increases nearby allied heroes’ Physical Attack and Magic Power by 18-45, and Attack Speed by 15%.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Item Changes

Brute Force Breastplate (Nerfed)

  • Each Stack’s Movement Speed Boost: 3% → 2%

Blade Armor (Nerfed)

  • Movement Speed Reduction: 25% for 0.5s → 15% for 1s

Queen’s Wings (Nerfed)

  • Spell Vamp: 30% → 25%

Rose Gold Meteor (Nerfed)

  • Defense Boost takes place when HP is low: 30 → 25

Magic Blade (Nerfed)

  • Boosts when HP is low: 15 → 12
  • Changed the name of “Vengeful Battleaxe” to “War Axe“.
  • Optimized some equipment icons.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.84: Battle Spell Changes

Retribution (Buffed)

  • Additional Creep Reward: 25% → 60%
  • Minion Reward Reduction: 50% → 70%
  • Minion Reward Reduction triggers: When 12 stacks are reached → 5 minutes after the match begins
  • New Effect: Grants 15 Physical Attack and Magic Power at 15 stacks.

Purify (Nerfed)

  • New Effect: Can remove slow effects.
  • Movement Speed Boost: 30% → 15%

Sprint (Buffed)

  • Initial Movement Speed Boost:40% → 50%

Other Adjustments

  • Reduced Base EXP, Growth EXP and Growth Gold gained from killing creeps.
  • Reduced Team EXP gained from killing the Turtle and Lord.
  • Increased EXP rewards gained from killing enemy heroes and the minimum EXP rewards for continuous kills.

A lot of changes have been implemented in the advanced server of Mobile Legends for Patch 1.5.84. It will be interesting to see these changes being implemented in the regular servers.

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