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Mobile Legends Hero Natan: Skills and Abilities Leaked


A new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang hero named Natan, the Spacetime walker has been leaked by data miners in the advanced server of Moonton’s popular mobile MOBA title. Despite being classified as a marksman hero, his basic attacks deal magic damage instead of the usual physical damage. He also has a wide arsenal of Crowd Control skills which can be disruptive for opponents. Natan is currently only available in the advanced server of Mobile Legends. However, he is expected to be released sometime in July 2021. Here is a sneak peek at the skills and abilities of the new Mobile Legends hero Natan.

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Skills and Abilities of Natan in Mobile Legends

A new marksman hero has been revealed in the Advanced server of Mobile Legends named Natan, the Spacetime Walker. The new hero has a unique mechanic that allows his basic attacks to deal magic damage instead of the usual physical damage while also offering a ton of crowd control effects.

Mobile Legends Hero Natan: Skills and Abilities LeakedNatan Hero PreviewSkill Descriptions

Natan’s skill mechanics are quite complicated and require accurate skill placements. This gives him quite a high skill ceiling and will require hours of practice to master his combos.

Passive: Theory of Everything

Natan converts his basic attacks into magic damage. Each time he hits enemies with skills, he gains a stack of Entanglement, with each stack increasing his attack speed, which stacks up to 6 times.

1st Skill: Superposition

Natan damages enemies at a targeted location dealing massive AoE magic damage.

2nd Skill: Interference

Launches a gravitational force in a location, knocking back enemies and dealing magic damage. Afterwards, a black hole will spawn and drag enemies to it’s center, dealing continuous magic damage for 2.4 seconds.

Ultimate Skill: Entropy

Natan opens a wormhole entrance within 8-yards range and leaves an exit at his current location. Natan can step into the wormhole to teleport to the opposite location immediately and gain movement speed bonus.

A reverse-clone will spawn in the wormhole that mimics Natan’s actions in reverse. The clone inherits 25% of Natan’s damage attributes and disappears if he gets too far from the wormhole.

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Release Date of New Hero Natan in Mobile Legends

According to data miner abysall_mlbb, the new hero is expected to be released on July 13, 2021. Natan has been in the Advanced server of Mobile Legends for quite some time now. However, Moonton is yet to reveal the official release date of Natan in the regular servers of Mobile Legends. So keep this information with a grain of salt.

The upcoming new hero Natan will definitely be a fun new addition to the current hero pool of Mobile Legends. However, the new hero is still being tested and might not be arriving anytime soon. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.