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Sentinels Acquires TenZ in a “Seven-Figure” Buyout


Tyson “TenZ” Ngo had a dream run with Sentinels at the recently-concluded Valorant Champions Tour Masters event at Reykjavík. The team dropped zero maps in the entire event and took home first place after beating Fnatic at the Grand Finals. With TenZ previously stepping down from competitive Valorant and pursuing content creation under the Cloud9 banner, he joined Sentinels as a temporary replacement for Sinatraa, who has been suspended until September. According to a report by The Esports Observer, the loaned player’s transfer agreement included an option for Sentinels to purchase TenZ’s contract. Sentinels has reportedly paid a “seven-figure” amount to retain TenZ as a permanent player in the roster.

What Led to TenZ Joining Sentinels

TenZ was signed to Cloud9 back in 2020 and he has been regarded as the best Valorant player in the North American esports scene. The player achieved Rank 1 in the competitive ladder multiple times and has maintained impressive combat scores in major events. In January 2021, the player revealed that he wants to take a break from competitive play and stepped down from the active Cloud9 roster.

Jay “Sinatraa” Won of Sentinels was suspended in March 2021 after his ex-girlfriend Cleo “cle0h” Hernandez accused the Valorant pro of sexual assault. Sinatraa’s future at Sentinels is currently unknown but he will be allowed back into the competitive Valorant scene after September 10. TenZ jumped right back into the competitive Valorant scene and joined Sentinels just two months after announcing his departure from it. His presence in the Sentinels roster helped propel the team to the top of North America and helped secure wins at not just the Challengers events but also at the global stage in VCT Masters.

After The Esports Observer revealed that TenZ’s contract was secured by Sentinels as part of a “seven-figure” deal, the official Sentinels Twitter account tweeted out saying “he is here to stay” referring to TenZ becoming a mainstay in the roster.

The buyout figure for the deal was not revealed officially but there have been rumors of the buyout clause being as high as $5 million. Cloud9’s CEO Jack Etienne previously quashed the reports saying the buyout figure was “rubbish.” It remains to be seen if Sinatraa is allowed back into the Sentinels roster and if he re-joins, what changes are made to the Sentinels roster.

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