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Fall Guys beans are the perfect height to pat Among Us beans on the head


Turns out that the bean-like Fall Guys characters would be the perfect height to pat the bean-like Among Us crewmates on the head, should they ever exist in the same universe. The Among Us and Fall Guys Twitter accounts made the discovery on Monday. How?

Well, it all started with this question from Chris on Twitter:

It’s a good question. I can’t believe I’ve never asked it myself before.

The Among Us Twitter account then revealed that the crewmates in the game are three feet, six inches tall. Seems about right, though I honestly thought they were a little shorter.

dunno how tall our Fall Guys beanfriends are, but Crewmates are 3’6″

— Among Us (@AmongUsGame) May 31, 2021

The Fall Guys Twitter account quickly followed up with what people believe to be the canonical size of a Fall Guy: six feet, which is how tall one of the Fall Guys bean creatures is in the game development software Unity. The Fall Guys account also helpfully put a Fall Guy onto a chart next to a human.

The Fall Guys account then said the obvious next thing:

need an among us bean added to the chart now

— Fall Guys Season 4.5 (@FallGuysGame) May 31, 2021

And the Among Us account delivered, to hilarious results.

The chart shows that a Fall Guys bean is exactly the right height to be able to pat an Among Us crewmate on the head! Aww, they can be friends. (Though if I were a Fall Guys bean, I’d be cautious about standing too close to an Among Us crewmate.)

That’s not all, though. While I have you, I’d like to present my theory that Fall Guys beans are a many-years evolved version of the Among Us crewmates. Go with me here.

Let’s start with the height differences that we’ve learned about today. They could indicate that the Among Us bean species grows to become as tall as the Fall Guys bean species.

I understand if that might not be enough evidence for you, so let’s compare the anatomy of the two bean-like species. The skeletal system of an Among Us crewmate consists of a single bone, apparently:

A Fall Guys bean, on the other hand, has a significantly more complex (and horrifying) anatomical structure.

Well, you asked for it…

This is official lore now


• Human shown for scale

• Fall Guys are 183cm (6ft)

• This Fall Guy is happy, look into his eyes

• We can’t take it back

Official Fall Guys Artwork by Senior Concept Artist:

— Fall Guys Season 4.5 (@FallGuysGame) September 23, 2020

The different heights and anatomical complexities between the two types of very similar-looking bean-creatures lead me to one conclusion: the Among Us beans evolve into the Fall Guys beans.

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