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Which Heroes Will Dominate the Meta at the WePlay AniMajor 2021


The WePlay AniMajor kicks off later tomorrow, and Dota 2 fans couldn’t be more excited about the action in store for us. Dota 2 tournaments each have their own meta, which changes and shifts over the course of even a single event. The WePlay AniMajor will be no different. Through two months of patch 7.29, the meta has seen substantial changes, and now we have reached its final iteration. WePlay AniMajor will be played on patch 7.29d, and it is yet to be seen if the nerfs to popular heroes will prevent them from dominating. Here are the top five Dota 2 heroes in each role, with the highest pick and win rates in professional pub games

(Data via Dotabuff)

Top 5 meta heroes in each role that may dominate at the WePlay AniMajor

  • Carry: Faceless Void

After the nerfs to previously meta carries like Juggernaut, Monkey King, and Troll, whose win rates have now dropped significantly, Faceless Void has gained popularity. Owing to his ultimate ability, Chronosphere, Void has a simple game plan and is easy to draft a lineup around. The hero also has good mobility with Time Walk, along with pseudo-reliable damage and lockdown courtesy Time Lock. Due to his ease of execution and reliable damage, Void has a 13.81% pick rate and a 52.10% win rate in Immortal pubs. Teams are likely to prioritize him during the WePlay AniMajor due to this.

  • Mid: Invoker


The master of sorcery and magic, Invoker, returns to the top of the mid meta in 7.29d. This is largely due to Puck’s decline in the mid-lane as a result of constant nerfs to the hero, coupled with the popularity of its counters. Invoker currently has a 17.40% pick-rate and a 53.38% win-rate in Immortal Dota 2 pub games. In the hands of mechanically gifted pro players, Invoker’s vast array of spells provide use in every situation, be it disables, buffs or damage. Because of the nerfs to items like Battlefury, the tempo of the game has slowed down significantly, a phenomenon that has benefited Invoker immensely. The hero is now capable of scaling into the late game alongside other heroes better than before. Expect to see the Invoker show at the AniMajor with players like Miracle, Abed, and gpk taking command of the mid lane.

  • Offlane: Broodmother


Ever since Valve reworked the Broodmother’s abilities, she is now almost exclusively played in the offlane as a lane-dominating space-maker. As Insatiable Hunger is no longer an ultimate ability, Broodmother can reliably sustain herself in the lane and outlast her opponents. And with spiders coming online at level six, she can hold her own in the lane and sometimes even push the enemy carry out. She provides incredible teamfight presence through her items and is often an aura builder for the team with items like the Pipe of Insight, Solar Crest, Guardian Greaves, etc. Although she is still a niche pick, she is on the list because of her incredible win rate. In Immortal pubs, Broodmother has a pick rate of 9.66% and a win rate of 57.62%, the highest of any hero in patch 7.29d.

  • Soft Support: Hoodwink


The newcomer Hoodwink takes up spot four in our list. Hoodwink has a pick rate of 14.08% and a win rate of 52.13% in Immortal pubs. Her burst damage and versatility alone make her one of the best early-mid game supports. Although she provides excellent crowd control with Bushwack’s stuns and Acorn Shot’s slows, what truly makes her one of the top picks is her ultimate ability – Sharpshooter. It provides her with a massive spike in damage, allowing her to decimate enemy heroes as soon as she hits Level six. Add to this the fact that Hoodwink scales very well with the right equipment, making her a viable core and one to watch out for at the WePlay AniMajor.

  • Hard Support: Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition makes his way back into the meta in 7.29d. In Immortal pubs, he has a pick rate of 16.77% and a win rate of 53.86%. The hero is an excellent laning support and provides multiple seconds of disables when coupled with heroes like Sven and Slark who provide a reliable setup for Cold Feet. With his ultimate, Ice Blast, Ancient Apparition also boasts one of the better level six power spikes, which is one of the reasons for this hero’s popularity. The hero has excellent synergy with other meta heroes such as Faceless Void, Hoodwink, and Invoker, who provide excellent setups for an Ice Blast combo. Moreover, it counteracts a large number of meta heroes who rely on sustain and durability, such as Bristleback, Morphling, and Huskar, among others.

In the hands of skilled professionals, these heroes can provide magnificent, clip-worthy plays and wombo-combos. It will be interesting to see which heroes the pros pick and play during the WePlay Dota 2 AniMajor 2021.

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