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Stadium Access Code in COD Warzone: How to Find All Door Locations


Call of Duty: Warzone’s stadium access code allows you to enter the stadium bunker. It is a very elaborate process and not all players will be able to get access to it without a little bit of help. Players will need to chase down multiple stadium access codes in Call of Duty: Warzone, to open the doors to the stadium. Upon successfully entering the stadium, you will be able to unlock the easter egg area but the Enigma blueprint is no longer available. Here is a rundown of everything you need to do to unlock the blueprint using stadium access codes in Call of Duty: Warzone.

How to Get The Warzone Stadium Access Codes

You will need to get into multiple bunkers in a single match and get past the double doors with a keypad next to them. Successfully doing so will let you grab the rare rewards that are within the room.

Here are all the locations for the stadium keycards.

  • P216: Parking level
  • CL19: Middle concourse level
  • EL21: Top, executive level

If you find one of the keycards, it will permanently appear at the bottom left of your screen right next to your player tag until the end of the match. They are random drops and you might need a few tries to get access to them.

How to Use Stadium Access Codes in COD Warzone

Here are all the door locations to use the appropriate access codes.

EL21 Stadium Access Code: Top Floor

The EL21 keycard will open up a door on the top floor of the stadium. If you wind around the corridor you will notice a door that leads to a circular path. As you keep following the path, you will run into the door you need to open.

Warzone P216: Parking Garage (Basement)

This keycard’s associated door is in the north-west corner of the basement in the car parking area. Once you are closer to the garage and you can head down the slope, which will lead you to the right door.

Warzone CL19: Middle Floor

If you head to the corner of the bar in the club lounge you will spot the door you need to open.

Is the Enigma Blueprint Still Obtainable

All three Warzone Easter eggs have been removed from the game in a previous update. Raven Software decided to remove the following easter eggs in February 2021:

  • Bunker 11 – MP7 Mud Drauber
  • Stadium – AMAX Enigma
  • Subway Maintenance – Bruen Firebrand

However, players can still access the hidden doors as part of the easter egg, but it will not drop the Enigma blueprint.

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