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Best Perks for Warzone June 2021: Overkill and Amped Still Shine in The Meta


The best perks for Warzone for June 2021 have a massive impact in the current meta and while gun skill and game sense play the biggest roles in determining your placement in a match, your loadout is quite important as well. You should be using the best perks for Warzone in June 2021 to give yourself the best odds of winning. Regardless of their strength in the current meta, your personal preference should also affect your decision to pick up the right perks for yourself. Here is a closer look at the best perks for Warzone in June 2021.

Top 5 Best Perks for Warzone in June 2021

Here is a closer look at the best perks in Warzone for June 2021.


Overkill is of the staple perks that every COD veteran loves to run. If you do not want to use pistols or RPGs, Overkill is one of the best perks to use. If you are someone who loves using double primary weapons, you need to have Overkill as a perk. It is one of the most versatile perks in the game right now and it should be a number one priority for anyone who has a double primary loadout.


Ghost is one of the more defensive perks in the game at first sight, but if you can have an aggressive gameplan with the perks. It prevents you from being spotted by the Heartbeat sensor, which is used heavily in the current meta. You will never have to worry about someone spotting you while taking your enemies out by surprise.


Amped allows faster weapon switching but it does not work on sidearms. However, if you love RPG builds, Amped is one of the best perks in Warzone for June 2021. You will be able to defend corridors and rooftops with ease using the mod and potentially take out an entire squad by yourself.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

Most players in Warzone do not like to run defensive perks but the popularity of RPGs warrants running the mod if your lobbies are full of players blasting their RPGs from far. The perk allows you to fight back against all of the spam. While it will not protect you from airstrikes or other ordinances obtained from explosive assaults, all non-killstreak explosions will be non-lethal.

Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded is one of the best perks to use in Call of Duty: Warzone in June 2021. You can pair it with Ghost and you will not only stay off Heartbeat sensors but you will also not be detected in thermal sensors, making it ideal for quick and efficient takedowns.

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