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Zombies Esports Disqualified From PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1 For Hacking/Cheating


In the midst of the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Arabia 2021 Season 1, a pro player from Zombies Esports received a competitive ban after being caught using third-party applications during the official tournament. This means he won’t be able to participate in any official PUBG Mobile esports tournaments until the ban has been lifted. The rest of his team, Zombies Esports, has also been disqualified for the tournament, and all of its members are being reviewed for cheating. Despite the recent cheating issue, the PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1 will still continue as planned with the remaining teams. Here are more details regarding Zombies Esports being disqualified.

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Zombies Esports disqualified from the PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1

PUBG Mobile Esports official social media handles announced that a player from Zombies Esports, has been found using prohibited third-party applications during the PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1. The esports pro received a competitive ban which prevents him from participating in any official PUBG Mobile tournaments. Meanwhile, his team will also be disqualified from the PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1 and their accounts will be investigated.

PUBG Mobile Pro Player Gets Banned in the PMPL Arabia Tournament

BREAK is allegedly the Hacker/Cheater

Several pro players competing in the PMPL Season 1 2021: Arabia including Owais and Maxkash posted screenshots that indicate that it was BREAK from Zombies Esports who was cheating in the tournament.

BREAK PMPL BanImage via MaxKash and Owais

A few minutes after the announcement, several compilations of BREAK’s gameplay during the tournament have been posted all over social media, with many fans alleging suspicious gameplay.

The organizers added that the tournament will still continue as planned with the remaining teams. With Zombies Esports out of the tournament, 16 teams are competing in the finals with Gunz Esports sitting at the top of the scoreboard with a score of 343.

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The PMPL Arabia 2021 Season 1 is currently in its third week with the 3rd super weekend kicking off on June 3 and will last until June 5, 2021. It will be interesting to see how the tournament will transpire after this Hacking/cheating issue. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.