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RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7


RSG MY emerged victorious in the MPL MY Season 7 with a score of 4-2 against Todak in the Grand Finals following three days of intense matches in the playoffs. Todak dominated the first two matches of the Grand Finals. However, as the games continued, RSG MY made a solid comeback and dominated the succeeding matches. Besides their achievements in the MPL MY Season 7, RSG MY and Todak will compete and represent Malaysia in the upcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) 2021. Here is a quick recap of all the action that transpired during the MPL MY Season 7 grand finals.

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MPL MY Season 7 Grand Finals: How it Went

Game 1:

Todak started strong with their burst-heavy team, while RSG MY opted for a scaling late-game line-up. Todak punished their opponents during the early game as RSG struggled to survive until late-game. A fight in the Lord pit emerged at the 15-minute mark, with Todak successfully securing it. RSG almost wiped out the entire squad of Todak, but their Nexus was already destroyed before they could finish off the team fight. The game ended with Todak winning the first match.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7RSG almost wiped out Todak.Game 2:

Todak stuck to their burst draft strategy. This worked for them in the early game. However, RSG managed to steal a turtle which gave them a small advantage. RSG kept getting baited into team fights they couldn’t win. This gave Todak a huge advantage in the late game and allowed the team to protect the Lord just enough to open up RSG’s middle lane at the 12- minute mark. RSG managed to scare off Todak before they could finish the game. However, given how vulnerable RSG was, Todak came back to finish the match and claimed their second win.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7Todak finished the game as quickly as they can.Game 3:

RSG rose up in the third match as Leixia’s Lancelot went unstoppable, consistently secured kills for the team. Todak was put in a very bad position and was forced to play defensively. 15 minutes into the match, Todak tried to steal RSG’s Lord but failed to do so as Leixia was already one step ahead of them. Todak, with nothing left to lose, went all out and engaged after failing to secure a Lord. This lead to them losing three of their members and forcing Moyyy and 4Meyz to defend the base all by themselves. The two survivors manage to take down Zacus and Leixia but it wasn’t enough to scare off RSG as they immediately headed for the Nexus and secured their first win.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7Moyyy and 4Meyz did their best to defend.Game 4:

The fourth match was no different from the previous match. Leixia dominated once again with his Lancelot, pushing Todak in a very bad position that they couldn’t escape. At the 12-minute mark, the Lord came marching down the top lane, clearing turrets and giving RSG the opening they needed to close the game and secure a second win.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7Leixia’s Lancelot seems unstoppable at this point.Game 5:

The early game was devoid of any action. Todak managed to take down three turrets after securing Lord at the 7-minute mark while RSG focused on farming. RSG’s intense farming sessions came into fruition when they successfully secured a Lord and pushed the top lane. This divided Todak’s attention as RSG was also pushing mid-lane. RSG went too greedy and thought they could finish the game but Moon respawned just in time to take down the remaining RSG members who were pushing the nexus, giving Todak breathing room. A fight in the Lord pit occurred at the 19-minute mark, with RSG emerging victorious, immediately closing the game and securing a win.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7Todak tried to fight back, but RSG has the higher ground.

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Game 6:

Both teams were doing well in the early game. However, Todak made a lot of misplays which put them in a bad spot in the late game, giving RSG the opportunity to push most of their turrets, 6 minutes into the game. Todak tried to pressure RSG but failed as they kept getting killed by Lexia’s Yi Sun-Shin. Todak succeeded in winning a team fight at the 8-minute mark, however, they were already behind in gold income that it wasn’t enough to push RSG back. RSG went for an act of revenge at the 10-minute mark and killed three members of Todak then secured the lord afterward. Todak put up a good fight, but RSG was already ahead in kills and objectives. RSG went all-in and closed the game, claiming their championship trophy in the MPL MY Season 7.

RSG MY Are the Champions of MPL MY Season 7Todak won the team fight but eventually lost the match.

MPL MY Season 7 had a very long and exciting grand final. The championship title will go to RSG MY, while Todak will have to settle for second place, despite their impressive performance in the first two games. Both teams will represent Malaysia in the upcoming MSC 2021 tournament.

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