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Motivate.Trust Gaming and BOOM Esports Top BTS Pro Series S6 Group Stage


Motivate.Trust Gaming and BOOM Esports were the best teams in the group stage of the BTS Pro Series Season 6: Southeast Asia. The two teams delivered a series of mind-blowing performances to finish with four series wins and three draws in the BO2 round-robin group stage. OB.Neon and Galaxy Racer trail Motivate.Trust Gaming and BOOM Esports only by a small margin as these two teams also looked in great touch in the group stage.

Motivate.Trust Gaming, BOOM Esports, OB.Neon and Galaxy Racer move to the upper bracket of the BTS Pro Series S6.

Omega Esports and Team SMG, however, significantly underperformed in the group stage as they had a lackluster showing both as a team and as individuals. Lilgun and South Built Esports were the weakest teams which resulted in seventh and eighth places respectively in the group stage. These four teams will begin their playoff run in the lower bracket, so it’s not all doom and gloom for them.

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Recap of the BTS Pro Series S6 Group Stage

The Top Four’s Brilliance – Motivate.Trust Gaming, BOOM Esports, OB.Neon and Galaxy Racer Shine

Despite their different rankings, all four teams did an excellent job with their performances.

Motivate.Trust Gaming looks revitalized with the return of their old players – JaCkky, Fearless, and Masaros. The team was comprehensive in its victories as well as having a wide variety of heroes. They will be the prime contenders to take the title going into the playoffs.

BOOM Esports did not falter further after its Lower Division relegation in the DPC. The team showed stability and was able to deliver the great performances everyone expected.

In this tournament, OB.Neon is the best team on paper, and it did an excellent job. Despite this, they seem to have lost some of their form from the first DPC season and the Singapore Major. Drafts and teamfight execution have been two areas that have taken a toll in the past matches.

Galaxy Racer had added some talented players to their roster over the last two months, and the change is now beginning to bear fruit. The performances of individual players are excellent, and the players have a wide selection of heroes.

Omega Esports and Lilgun’s Underwhelming Performances

Omega Esports and Team SMG had entered the BTS Pro Series after successful showings in the SEA DPC. While the former had retained its Upper Division slot, the latter had easily outclassed Lower Division teams to qualify for the Upper Division.

But both teams looked inconsistent as they were outmatched by most of the higher-placed teams. Omega also had a few stand-ins, which may indicate a roster change in the near future, which also did not work to its advantage. Team SMG’s individual performances took a great fall with MidOne, kpii, and Neah666 all faltering at important times.

Lilgun and South Built Esports’ Plight

It appears that Lilgun’s cheese picks are not working anymore since its opponents have figured them out. The team looks relatively weaker when it drafts traditional heroes as it managed to grab just three wins in 14 matches. Both of these wins came against South Built Esports, a team that looked completely out of sorts.

South Built Esports had a disastrous group stage in the BTS Pro Series S6 as they lost all the 14 games that they played. Though the Filipinos had a substitute in many of these games, they were outmatched by all the other SEA teams. Most of their matches were fairly one-sided while in the remaining matches, South Built Esports was unable to capitalize on any early-game advantage that it had.

The playoffs of the BTS Pro Series S6 will begin on June 2, 2021, with Omega Esports and South Built Esports fighting for tournament survival in the lower bracket BO3 round 1. It will be followed by Team SMG vs Lilgun which will be another elimination game. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.