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Fortnite Pros Call The Game “A Joke” After Technical Issues Mar FNCS Grand Finals


Fortnite is one of the biggest games of all time with over 350 million registered players but it is still affected by technical issues. During the recently concluded Fortnite Championship Series grand finals, server issues kept cropping up which has left the competitive community upset with the technical state of the game. After six seasons of competitive esports, Fortnite continues to face server lag and it has led to a lot of controversy within the community. There were issues during the 2019 World Cup as well and it looks like Epic Games has been unable to offer a stable fix for the FNCS servers.

Pro Players Want Changes to The FNCS Servers

While Fortnite’s servers are generally stable in the public servers, the FNCS events have been plagued with issues since 2019. It is unknown if the issues arise due to the large number of players who are active during the events but the issue has been consistent across multiple events over the past two years.

During the European wing of the FNCS grand finals on May 30, there were several instances of lag where players were experiencing poor server performance. M10 Motor, who was streaming the event in a watch party raised the issue during the event by posting multiple clips where players were lagging out and dying due to server issues. It hurts the competitive integrity of Fortnite as an esport as it does not offer a fair playing field due to the unstable FNCS servers.

Epic Games Is Yet to Respond

The issue with the competitive servers has been around since 2019 and Epic Games is yet to make an official statement on how it seeks to address the issues. Players take damage behind their builds and it has been a consistent issue since the World Cup 2019 event. Competitive players are rightfully upset over the current state of the competitive servers.

It is not only players lagging out and taking damage behind objects, but there was also a clip of pro player Flikk falling to his death even though he clearly landed on water. It is unknown if Epic Games is already working on a fix but the studio failing to address the issues can lead to more controversy within the esports community in future FNCS events.

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