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TimTheTatman Talks About Where Apex Legends Falls Short Compared to Fortnite and Warzone


Popular Twitch streamer Tim ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar recently shared his thoughts on why he thinks Apex Legends falls short against the likes of Fortnite and Warzone. Currently, Warzone, Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite are among the biggest Battle Royale games and Apex Legends manages to stand out from the rest due to its industry-leading mechanics and diverse pool of characters. However, it doesn’t quite meet TimTheTatMan’s expectations when compared to Fortnite and Warzone. On his livestream, he shared his thoughts about the game’s time-to-kill (TTK), the armor system and its gunplay while creating a tier list for all Battle Royale games that he has played till date.

TimTheTatman Jokingly Ranks Apex Legends as ‘D-Tier’

TimTheTatman was creating a Battle Royale tier list on stream and he placed Apex Legends in the D-Tier. However, he admitted that it was a joke and changed his stance on the game. He shared his thoughts on the game and talked about how high the time-to-kill is in the game.

Unlike other Battle Royales where a single mistake can cost players their life, Apex Legends has an abundance of heals and its fast movement allows players to quickly move in and out of cover while taking minimal damage. Speaking about the armor system, TimTheTatman was not happy with the fact that armor is easily available and replaceable. “you can have gold armor, I can rip your gold armor, and then you can swap out for another gold armor and you have full armor again.”

Finally, he talked about gunplay. He compared the gunplay to Call of Duty and said that he does not like it as much. Despite talking about how he does not like the game as much as Fortnite and Warzone, he still thinks highly of the game and placed it on the A-Tier. He said he appreciated the game for its revive and respawn mechanics which have been added to most other Battle Royales out there.

The ping system is also one of the highlights of the game as it allows players to communicate with teammates without requiring voice chat. This tier list by TimTheTatman is purely subjective and is by no means an official list. Warzone and Fortnite have been growing tremendously and recently, Apex Legends crossed the 100 million player mark. It is already at the 120 million hours played mark on Steam, which is just 16.8 million short of PUBG PC. The number is very impressive as Apex Legends launched on Steam in 2020 after being an Origin exclusive on PC, whereas PUBG PC has been around since 2017.

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