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Ribo and Lusty Looking to Step Down From Bren Esports


Bren Esports veterans CJ “Ribo” Ribo and Allan “Lusty” Castromayor have announced that they would like to take a break after a 3-4 reverse sweep match against Execration. This defeat saw them finishing in fourth place at the MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs. However, this decision is yet to be set in stone as the two key players of Bren Esports stated that they will only leave if the team can find replacement players who can keep up with the Bren Esports’ playstyle. Ribo stated that he will take a break from playing Mobile Legends and will weigh his options during the off-season. Lusty’s plans are unknown for now however he too asserted that he won’t be leaving until the team can find a qualified replacement.

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Ribo and Lusty Hints at Stepping Down From Bren Esports

In a post-match conference for the MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs, the two Bren Esports players Ribo and Lusty shared their thoughts about leaving Bren Esports. Both Mobile Legends esports pros stated that they will only step down if the team can find suitable candidates to replace them.

“I’ll just take a breath of fresh air, no ML, for now, something like that,” stated Ribo during the interview. “It (taking a break) still depends if there is someone more deserving to replace me in my role, someone better than me.”

Lusty also assured fans that he won’t be leaving Bren Esports until the team can find someone who is qualified to replace him in his role.

“For me, it depends if Duckeyyy can find someone who is worthy to replace me,” said Lusty. “If no one can replace me, I can’t leave. My team doesn’t like it when someone can’t keep up with them.”

One of the team members Ralph Mico “Coco” Sampang, jokingly added that he will be replacing Lusty in Bren Esports as the tank.

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About Ribo and Lusty

Ribo and Lusty are two of the best players in Bren Esports. Ribo is possibly the most victorious Mobile Legends Esports Pro, having acquired six international titles, two MPL Trophies, and two from “The Nationals” tournament. His current role is on the non-turtle lane, specializing in the heroes Karrie and Alice. Lusty, on the other hand, is one of the most reliable members of Bren Esports. Specializing in the roaming role, he is widely known for his tank gameplay and his signature heroes such as Chou and Grock.

Both players participated in the SEA Games 2019 where they secured the title of Champions in the Mobile Legends esports category.

With Bren Esports securing fourth place in the MPL PH Season 7, Execration proceeds to the semi-finals where they will face Aura PH for a spot in the Grand Finals.

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