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Crypto Might be Getting An Apex Legends Heirloom ‘Optic’


Apex Legends’ heirlooms are sought-after cosmetics that are incredibly rare to get unless you purchase the limited-time Apex Legends packs during Collections events. All of the legends that have received heirlooms so far have unique melee weapons with custom animations. But it looks like Crypto may get an heirloom sight according to recent leaks. He was previously rumored to get a ‘jikdo’ but more recent leaks suggest that he may be getting a completely different heirloom in Apex Legends. Crypto’s Apex Legends heirloom is expected to release in Season 9 along with a Collections event.

Crypto Might Be The First Legend to Get An Heirloom ‘Optic’ in Apex Legends

Apex Legends leaker HumanSAS revealed that there is a Crypto-themed weapon sight in the game’s files which is tagged as an heirloom. It is unknown why the sight is tagged as an heirloom as all previous legend-exclusive cosmetics have been melee weapons. Another leaker GarretLeaks denied this saying, “I don’t know why it has the name referring to an heirloom in the files but its nothing to do with it atm.”

Apex Legends has not received any legend-themed sights till date and if the leaks are true, this could be the first of its kind. With Crypto being a recon legend, the possibility of a legend-exclusive sight cannot be completely ruled out.

Previous leaks suggested that he will be getting a Korean ‘jikdo’ weapon. The leak came from Biast12, who has been on point with his Valkyrie leaks for this season and it remains to be seen if the leaked combat sword is indeed coming to Apex Legends as Crypto’s heirloom.

How to Get Crypto’s Apex Legends Heirloom

There may be two ways to get the next Apex Legends heirloom for Crypto. He is likely to have his own ‘Collections’ event similar to other legends which will allow you to purchase it by unlocking all event items. Alternatively, you may be able to get his heirloom with 150 heirloom shards after the event ends. Here are some quick numbers to help you decide if the heirloom is worth your money or not:

  • Cost of 24 Apex Event Packs (guaranteed heirloom): 16,800 Apex Coins
  • Cost of two special bundles: 7,500 Apex Coins
  • Special Bundles + Additional Packs: 15,900 Apex Coins
  • EA Play Subscription: 10% Discount on Apex Coins
  • For each Epic or Legendary you craft using crafting materials, you will have to purchase one less event pack.

The cheapest way to get the bundle is to craft as many Epic items as possible and then purchase the remaining packs depending on how many items you need. The special bundles include one skin each and cost a total of 7,500 Apex coins which lets you save a total of 900 Apex Coins. Getting an EA Play subscription will allow you to get a 10% discount on your coin purchases which can bring down the cost of getting the heirloom significantly.

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