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CS:GO Pro Calls Out Valve to Fix Critical Audio Bug That Can Be Heard Across the Map


Professional CS:GO player Martin “STYKO” Styk who currently plays for FunPlus Phoenix recently called out Valve to fix a critical audio related bug that has been present in the game for a long time now. The audio bug is related to areas with water present on them because apparently when a player goes through these spots, the audio cue can be heard across the entire map. STYKO also points out that this audio bug has been present in the game forever and Valve has simply not taken any action to fix it. As it is only activated when a player passes over an area with water present on it, Overpass, Inferno, and Ancient are the CS:GO maps that are affected by it.

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Critical CS:GO Audio Bug That Can be Heard Across The Map

There is apparently an audio bug in CS:GO because of which sound cues from spots where water is present can be heard across the entire map. Inferno, Overpass, and Ancient are the three maps where this audio bug is prominent and can easily be noticed. STYKO while showcasing a few problems with Ancient that the developers could fix, highlighted this audio bug also.

According to him, this audio bug has been in the game for a long time now and Valve has somehow managed to completely ignore it. The player movement when passing through these water bourne terrains is apparently audible throughout the map, ruining a lot of games as it has the potential to impact the outcome of a clutch round, which could further lead to an unfair win or a loss for a team.

Apart from this STYKO went on to point out a few other bugs specific to Ancient which included, a clipping bug that allowed players to view things on the other side of a wall at a certain angle, and a gap through a wood pallet which also gave away significant information.

Valve just a few days back had rolled out an update that fixed a lot of issues previously highlighted by the CS:GO community, but there was no mention about having fixed the audio bug which affects multiple maps. However, they were able to find solutions to a few other equally important issues like deathmatch invulnerability, coach positions being saved in backup files, and easy hack to get more armour during retake game mode.

Hopefully, the developers will look into this matter as well because both Overpass and Inferno are currently available for play in the competitive circuit. The audio bug could impact the outcome of a game and is quite a sensitive problem.

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