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How Old Are The Legends in Apex Legends?


Apex Legends has a diverse cast of characters with legends coming from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Some legends are as old as the 313-year-old Revenant and some as young as the 21-year-old Rampart and the 22-year-old Apex Games prodigy Wattson. While others like Bloodhound are mysterious with no known age. Let’s look at the game’s current roster and see how old are the legends in Apex Legends. Respawn has a brief biography on each legend in the game, which includes their full name, how many years old they are, what is their homeworld, and a bit about their history.

How old are the characters in Apex Legends?

21 years old – Rampart

The quick-witted modder opened a popular modding shop on Gaea and climbed to the top of the underground gauntlet circuit with her modding skills. After Ramya Parekh’s shop was burned down by thugs, she entered the Apex Games with her emplaced minigun “Sheila”.

22 years old – Wattson

Wattson Natalie Paquette is one of the youngest legends in the game. | Source: EA

Daughter of the Apex Games’ lead electrical engineer Luc Paquette, Natalie Paquette found her calling in electricity at a young age and even designed part of the arena. Now with a group of friends, she competes in it.

24 years old – Lifeline

LifelineAjay Che was one of Frontier Corps’ finest medics. | Source: EA

Ajay Che comes from a family of wealthy war profiteers. After seeing the damage done by her family, the combat medic enlisted into the Frontier Corps. She entered the Apex Games to undo the damage done and fund the Frontier Corps with her winnings.

24 years old – Octane

The bored son of the preoccupied CEO of Silva Pharmaceuticals, Octavio Silva entertained himself by performing death-defying stunts. One day after such a stunt landed him in the hospital, doctors told him that this high-speed daredevil’s days were over. He guilted close friend Ajay “Lifeline” Che’s to give him bionic legs and now entertains himself with the ultimate adrenaline rush, the Apex Games.

30 years old – Gibraltar

GibraltarMakao Gibraltar devoted his life to helping others. | Source: EA

Makoa Gibraltar learned the value of protecting others when he stole his father’s motorcycle, took it on a joyride, and got trapped by a deadly mudslide. His father lost an arm in the process of saving him. As a result of the sacrifice, Gibraltar has devoted his life to helping those in need. He joined the Apex Games to continue upholding his values.

30 years old – Mirage

Elliott Witt’s trickster nature led him to take an interest in Holo-Pilot technology. He and his engineer mother worked together to develop holo devices. The Apex Games caught his eye but he didn’t participate until his mother gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream.

30 years old – Valkyrie

Kairi Imahara grew up wanting to be like her father callsign Viper. Bold and brash, the winged avenger took a break from her smuggling and partying days to pursue her father who didn’t return from a mission. Valkyrie confronted Kuben Blisk, the man who put her father in harm’s way. He challenged her to be better, that’s where the Apex Games card she took from Blisk’s grasp came in.

31 years old – Crypto

This surveillance expert from Gaea, Tae Joon Park joined the Apex Games to find the people who framed him for the murder of his foster sister, Mila Alexander. The duo had stumbled upon an algorithm that could predict the result of any Apex Games match.

32 years old – Wraith

WraithRenee Blasey looks for answers about her past through Apex Games. | Source: EA

Renee Blasey woke up in an IMC detention facility with no memory of who she was years ago. Renee eventually found the strength to break free from her prison and escape. Wraith continues her quest to learn more about who she was before the experiments through Apex Games held on old IMC bases.

34 years old – Loba

Loba Andrade was left with nothing when Revenant killed her family. She survived by picking pockets and eventually became a master thief of the Outlands. Looking for revenge against her family’s murderer, she sabotaged Skull Town and Thunderdome but learned it was just one of many such factories in the Frontier. She joined Apex Games to find a way to end him for good.

35 years old – Bangalore

BangaloreAnita Williams hopes to make enough money from the Apex Games to go back to her home planet. | Source: EA

Born into a military family, Anita Williams served with the IMC for many years. When her brother Jackson sacrificed himself to save her when her ship IMS Hestia was attacked. After crashing on a Syndicate planet, Anita is looking to raise money in the Apex Games, hoping to find a pilot to take her home.

37 years old – Horizon (+88 years)

HorizonDr. Somers lost 88 years orbiting around a black hole when she was betrayed by Dr. Reid. | Source: EA

Dr. Mary Somers was hired to solve the Outlands’ energy crisis almost a century ago. With the help of her apprentice, Dr. Reid, Dr. Somers discovered Branthium which could be found only on the accretion disk of a black hole. Everything changed when Dr. Reid betrayed her and sent her shuttle into the black hole’s orbit. Now Mary is determined to fund her research to find a way to go back in time and be with her son.

48 years old – Caustic

Alexander Nox was one of the brightest scientists in Humbert Labs developing new pesticide formulas to protect Outlands crops. When the head of Humbert Labs soon discovered Nox’s gruesome experiments, the confrontation ended with the labs in flames.

54 years old – Fuse

FuseWalter Fitzroy joined the Apex Games for more of a challenge. | Source: EA

Walter Fitzroy grew up on Salvo and worked as a mercenary alongside his childhood friend, Maggie. After Fitzroy proved himself in Salvo’s bloodsport, the Bonecage, he set out for a bigger challenge and joined the Apex Games to prove himself.

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76 years old – Pathfinder

A modified MRVN, Pathfinder, booted up decades ago in an abandoned warehouse with no idea who created him or why. He joined the Apex Games to hopefully draw the attention of his maker. According to Apex Legends lore, Pathfinder is assembled and activated by the scientist of Project Iris in the year 2658 making him 76 years old.

313 years old – Revenant

One of the oldest legends participating in the Apex Games, Revenant is 313 years old according to the Pathfinder’s Quest. Revenant used to be the greatest hitman the Mercenary Syndicate ever had and spent 44 years as a human before his masters resurrected him as a simulacrum. When his programming finally failed, he saw what he had become and now wants revenge against the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics.

Unknown – Bloodhound

BloodhoundDetails about Bloodhound’s name and age are shrouded in mystery. | Source: EA

The child of two engineers on Talos, Bloodhound was taken in by their uncle Artur after a meltdown at the New Dawn industrial plant killed their parents. Artur taught them the Old Ways, a belief system that focuses on nature and rejects modern technology, but Bloodhound was constantly drawn to technological marvels, and ultimately used both new and old methods to beat enemies.

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