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Blacklist International Was Impressed with Karlteezy’s Lancelot during MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs


The Blacklist International team shared their fascination with Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s Lancelot gameplay after their hard-earned win against Bren Esports in the MPL PH Season 7 Playoffs, last May 27, 2021. Although Bren Esport struggled in game three, KarlTzy was the strongest performer by scoring eight kills and one death in the match. Bren Esports took advantage of this opportunity to secure two victories and open the door for a deciding match in game five, only to lose in the following round. Although Bren Esports ended up losing, all eyes are on KarlTzy for his impressive display of Lancelot gameplay throughout the match.

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Blacklist International Praises KarlTzy’s Lancelot Gameplay

Bren Esports almost took the win on the second day of the MPL PH Season 7 playoffs as they made a comeback during game three and game four, resulting in a game five decider. KarlTzy’s Lancelot gameplay helped Bren gain the momentum they needed to take it to a deciding Game 5. An insane Popul and Kupa gameplay from OhMyV33nus stopped Bren Esports momentum, resulting in Blacklist International winning game five.

Blacklist International Was Impressed with Karlteezy's Lancelot during MPL PH Season 7 PlayoffsGame 5 Match ResultAt a post-match conference, members of the top-performing team of MPL PH Season 7, Blacklist International, commented on Karl “KarlTzy” Nepomuceno’s performance and how he carried his team throughout.

“You saw the Game Three with his Lancelot? He’s very fast,” stated Danerie “Wise” Del Rosario.

Jhonmar “OhMyV33nus” Villaluna added that they were stressed when dealing with KarlTzy’s Lancelot. The team then jokingly stated that Lancelot’s Superhero skin provided a Buff which is why it was quite scary.

Afterwards, Wise said that they changed their mindset in game five, allowing them to beat KarlTzy’s Lancelot.

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“As we all know, Bren is the world champion so in game three and game four, are really expected from them since their mental fortitude is really over the roof,” stated OhMyV33NUS.

Blacklist International will now face Aura PH in the upper brackets. Meanwhile, Bren Esports will have to fight their way back through the lower bracket.

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