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TNC Predator and Execration Arrive in Kyiv for the WePlay AniMajor


The SEA contingent has fully arrived for the WePlay AniMajor with TNC Predator and Execration becoming the final two teams to touch down at Kyiv, Ukraine. While TNC Predator arrived safely on May 26, 2021, Execration has just landed and is awaiting the test results of the players in the hotel. This is going to be the first Major appearance for the two all-Filipino teams in the 2021 DPC after having missed out on a slot at the Singapore Major. While Execration will be beginning its AniMajor journey in the wild card from June 2, TNC Predator is likely to start its campaign on June 4 when the group stage begins.

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TNC Predator and Execration touch down in Kyiv

WePlay Esports welcomed TNC Predator’s full lineup at the airport as the players waved at their virtual fans.

TNC Predator had finished second in the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division after losing the first-place tiebreaker to T1. By placing second, TNC not only qualified for the Major group stage but also earned 300 DPC points.

Execration seems to already have a gala time in Kyiv as its players were seen having fun after touching down. This euphoria is justified since the WePlay AniMajor will not only be Execration’s first Major appearance this season but the first in its history.

Execration had finished third in the SEA 2021 DPC Season 2: Upper Division after beating stalwarts Fnatic in the tiebreaker. With a third-place finish, Execration was not only eligible for the Major wild card but also received 200 DPC points.

What Can We Expect From TNC and Execration at the AniMajor?

Execration will enter the wild card round as an underdog as it will be up against strong contenders like Team Nigma, Team Secret, Invictus Gaming, AS Monaco Gambit, and Vici Gaming.

Though the Filipinos are high on confidence after some splendid performances in the SEA DPC, they have very little experience of playing against international teams. It also remains to be seen if they can adjust their playstyle or have some intriguing tricks up their sleeves because their opponents are certainly going to come prepared.

Although fans had also written off OB.Neon at the Singapore Major, the team delivered some big blows to some strong teams. So, who knows? Execration may also pull off some big upsets and establish a dream run at the AniMajor.

Despite having a new roster, TNC Predator looks rejuvenated and can certainly pack a punch against its opponents. As LAN event veterans, Gabbi, Tims, and Armel have always been a step up from themselves when it comes to crucial tournaments. Boomy and Bok also look in fine form coming into the Major.

However, the Filipinos will be looking to improve their consistency as it had been one of their weaknesses in the SEA DPC. TNC’s tendency to draft some unconventional hero combos might become a double-edged sword as it has found itself in trouble on occasion for doing so.

Do TNC and Execration Require a Certain Finish at the AniMajor For a TI10 slot?

The current threshold to mathematically secure a TI10 direct invite is 801 points. TNC is sitting in 19th place with 372.25 points while Execration occupies the 23rd spot with 200 points.

So, TNC can still guarantee a TI10 direct invite if it manages to secure a top-two finish. This will, however, be a herculean task considering the competitiveness of the event.

As for Execration, they can get to a maximum of 700 points if they managed to win the AniMajor. This seemingly does not guarantee them a TI10 direct invite but they may have an outside chance if the results of some other teams go their way. blind fold fuck. queen of bath sheeba nude. sexvid block head.