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NUTURN Takes Down Version1 at VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights and Interview


The epic faceoff between NUTURN Gaming and Version1 went the distance as both teams gave it their best to secure a slot in the upper bracket finals of VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík. Version1 started off really strong, hammering NUTURN on the first map and making it look all too easy. However, the Korean roster fought back hard to win consecutive overtime maps and secure the series ‘2-1’ in their favour. Version1 went toe-to-toe in the last two maps, but could not close it out as NUTURN kept winning all the clutches. With this, the winners advance onto the upper bracket finals to faceoff against Sentinels, who have not dropped a single map so far.

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KR vs NA: NUTURN Comes Back Strong Against Version1

NUTURN the team from Korea to compete at the first Valorant LAN tournament taking place in Iceland proved their mettle tonight by taking down the North American second seeds Version1. It was not an easy task, literally demanding everything that the team had to win multiple crucial clutches and inch their way forward towards victory.

Version1 who were looking near-flawless having beaten the European top seed Team Liquid in their last encounter, started off strong by completely decimating NUTURN on Haven. But as NUTURN found its rhythm and started adding pressure, Version1 slowly crumbled not able to keep themselves in check during the intense overtime rounds on Ascent and Split.

Result: NUTURN Defeats Version1 ‘2-1’

Haven, the first map of the series which was Version1’s pick was a nightmare for NUTURN as they only managed to win 3 rounds in the entire game. Version1 ran them down hard as the Korean lineup was unable to strategies effectively, getting countered no matter what they came up with and losing the map ‘13-3’.

Hopes of them winning the series was surely low, as they faced a ‘3-7’ deficit at one point in time on their map pick Ascent. But despite the grim start, NUTURN was not done yet. They slowly started to mount a comeback by stringing rounds together, finally winning the map by a ‘15-13’ score in overtime.

The final map on Split was a rollercoaster ride where NUTURN was winning during the start with a safe 3 round lead but after halftime, it was Version1 with the same lead. Despite Version1 reaching the map point first, they could not close out the map as NUTURN played really well to take the game into overtime, followed by a ‘14-12’ victory.

NUTURN Gaming – 3
Version1 – 13
NUTURN Gaming – 15
Version1 – 13
NUTURN Gaming – 14
Version1 – 12
NUTURN Gaming defeats Version1 – 2:1


  • Zellsis on his Killjoy was definitely a joy to watch as he raced ahead of everyone else with 59 kills to his name, along with an ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 140.5.

  • Suggest and Lakia proved to be a formidable duo for Version1 to go up against, both of them leading the attack for their side with 48 and 50 kills to their name, respectively. Also, Suggest playing 3 different heroes across the maps (Raze, Skye, Breach) shows that he is ready to take on any role as per the team’s requirements.

  • With the narrative of NUTURN players not having an aim as good as their opponent’s coming into the picture, here is a look at the average headshot percentage between the two teams tonight.

    Version1 had an average headshot percentage of 19.2% across the 3 maps, whereas NUTURN held an average of 27.4%


An insane read by Version1 while defending on Haven to catch the fake rotate towards the ‘C-Site’, winning the round with a flawless victory.

Version1 shows of their entire kit while attacking Haven’s ‘B-Site’ consisting of a fast plant, the perfect flank, followed by insane lineups by both Viper and Sova.

NUTURN defends their plant on Ascent with Sova using all his abilities perfectly, from the Shock Darts to the Hunter’s Fury everything was perfectly executed to secure the round.

Lakia goes totally berserk as he enters the site on Ascent full speed to jump down from Heaven and get a double kill with a well controlled spray.

NUTURN seals the series on Split on the back of this perfect execution during the overtime, completely catching Version1 out of position as they run away with the series ‘2-1’.

Interview: Suggest Talks About How NUTURN Recovered After Map 1

In the post-match interview with Suggest, the versatile player goes on to talk about the intense match saying that, he is feeling super excited and thinks that might have delivered the most exciting match of the tournament so far.

Talking about how the team recovered from the map one disaster Suggest goes on to say that, “Talking about Map 1, we were not ready for what came our way. But after game one we just let it go and we decided not to think about it and continue on with our map 2 and 3.”

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