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Maincast is Partnering With WePlay to Host Official Russian Coverage of the WePlay AniMajor


Esports media holding company WePlay announced a partnership with Maincast to host the official Russian language broadcast of the WePlay AniMajor. Maincast is one of the leading esports companies in Europe, specializing in content production and live coverage of competitive esports titles such as Dota 2 and CS: GO and is an official ESL representative in Eastern Europe. Their previous work in Dota 2 includes The Boston Major in 2016, The Manila Major in 2016, The Kuala Lumpur Major in 2018, and The International 2019. With the AniMajor being held in Kyiv, Ukraine. This partnership between Maincast and WePlay will provide fans with quality coverage of the AniMajor in Russian.

Maincast to host the official Russian broadcast for the WePlay AniMajor

Maincast has an excellent reputation in their previous coverage of esports events and they have some of the best talents in the Russian scene such as professional casters Vitalii “V1lat” Volochai, Roman “CaspeRRR” Lepokhin, and analyst Peter “Sm1Ley” Banakh, and professional host Ivan “Faker” Demkin.

In regards to the upcoming WePlay AniMajor Dota 2 Major, chief visionary officer, and general producer at WePlay Esports, Maksym Bilonogov stated;

“For WePlay AniMajor, we plan to create a show that will remain in the memory of the audience for years to come. Our broadcasting partners are all experienced and talented people who are as passionate about their work as we are. That’s why I’m sure that the spectators of our tournament will get the ultimate experience.”

Co-founder of Maincast and commentator Vitalii “V1lat” Volochai stated on a Dota 2 Major held in Kyiv:

“We are extremely happy that after four years, Kyiv is hosting another Dota 2 Major. The Kyiv Major is an incredibly cool event that will take us back to the memories of 2017. For the CIS community, it was one of the most emotional tournaments, and now, we will be able to relive it. We expect this Major will be even more awesome and spectacular, even despite the pandemic and the fact that there will be no spectators at the venue. We are excited to be a part of this event and, for our part, will do our best to transmit to you the atmosphere of the hottest battles for the points that are decisive in the DPC system and the struggle of teams to get to The International 10”

The WePlay AniMajor will be the first partnered event between WePlay Esports and Maincast and perhaps the start of a long-lasting partnership between the two companies.

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The WePlay AniMajor commences on June 2, 2021. A list of participating teams can be found here, and you can find the Russian broadcast of the events via Maincast’s Twitch and YouTube channels here:

Maincast Twitch Main Channel

Maincast Twitch Second Channel

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