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Liquid Eliminates KRU From VCT Masters Iceland 2021: Stats, Highlights and Interview


The lower bracket match between Team Liquid and KRU Esports at the VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík came to an end earlier than expected, as the top seed European team handed an easy ‘2-0’ defeat to the Latin American representatives. The quick BO3 series witnessed Team Liquid in all its glory, delivering a hard knock to KRU in the opening game on Split followed by a tactically tailored defeat on Ascent. With ScreaM and Jamppi finding their stride early KRU was finding it tough to maintain their position, there was never a moment when it felt like they were in control of the game always playing catch up to the pace set by Liquid.

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Liquid Delivers a Quick ‘2-0’ Defeat to KRU

KRU Esports had dropped down to the lower bracket after losing to Fnatic in their opening match. They were not able to put on a good show then but came back strong against Shark Esports. However, once again the team seemed to have slipped back to its old ways tonight against Liquid, facing defeats from both the European teams.

Liquid, on the other hand, seemed to have worked on themselves, especially Jamppi who despite a strong performance on Ascent last time was not at all feeling it. However, it was a totally different story tonight as he helped the team throughout, playing with more gusto and finding those frags.

Result: Liquid Defeats KRU ‘2-0’

The match started on Split which was KRU’s map pick, but it turned out to be their kryptonite as Liquid crushed them on the map with a ‘13-2’ scoreline. The defence put up by Liquid was like an unbreachable iron wall, KRU continually failing to crossover simply crashing against it round after round.

However, on Liquid’s map Ascent they were able to put on a much better show, calming down and finding their nerves. KRU had even managed to string 5 rounds together to gain a ‘5-2’ lead but unfortunately could not hold on to it after halftime. Liquid after collecting their thoughts went on to win 8 consecutive rounds while defending and pulled off another ‘13-9’ victory.

Team Liquid – 13
KRU Esports – 2
Team Liquid – 13
KRU Esports – 9
Team Liquid defeats KRU Esports – 2:0


  • This time ScreaM was not a one-man army fighting for Liquid, as Jamppi helped him along with a considerable contribution. The two secured 41 and 33 kills respectively, but ScreaM had a much higher headshot percentage at 32%.

  • Klaus might have felt a bit dragged with his potential being stretched thin as he single-handedly tried to put up a fight against Liquid. He had 34 kills to his name with an ADR of 174.1 and a 23% headshot accuracy.

  • Overall it was liquid that had the better average headshot percentage at 25.2% while that of KRU’s was 21.4%.


Jamppi and ScreaM team up on Heaven in Split with an Operator and a Phantom, respectively. Together they mow down the entire KRU lineup who were charging at them.

ScreaM shows how a battle Sage is properly played, rushing onto the opposition on Split and taking a triple kill in the process.

NagZ goes huge with an Operator in hand, picking off a triple kill and helping his side defend the site well on Ascent.

KRU Esports as a team hit the site hard on Ascent and bedazzle everyone as they turn a chaotic round into a flawless victory for themselves.

Interview: ScreaM Talks About What Liquid Did Wrong Against Version1

ScreaM during the post-match interview stated that they had a tough European qualifier and explained how Liquid needed to evolve, in order to come up with new stuff before coming to Iceland.

Talking about their loss to Version1, ScreaM said that “I think we made a lot of mistakes. We gave them a lot of space, like with the composition that they played, they had no flashes, I think we should not have played like this and that is what we learned today. Of course, we analyze every game, when we lose, when we win, there is always stuff to learn and also it was the first game on stage, it played a little bit role like we did not feel comfortable as usual.”

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